Guest Editorial by George Mcclellan

Questionnaires are going around the internet right now polling people on what they think is our country’s biggest problem, and invariably told “Illegal Immigration.” Democrats, in their attempts to assuage the dangers to us by the hordes of illegals invited by Joe Biden. They breach our borders, including felons released from their country’s prisons, MS-13 gang members, Islamic terrorists, Chinese soldiers, and human and drug cartel traffickers, attempt to reduce it to just one word, “immigration,” and then tell us we’re all racists or anti-immigrants if we disagree. Of course, it is illegal border crossers they have in mind when they’re asked, but I beg to disagree. The biggest problem facing our Republic, representing a continuing clear and present danger, is the continued presence of the Progressive Democrat party in power. Propaganda loses its power when its motives are revealed. Will they never learn?

Progressivism has brought America to the point of social and economic turmoil. By their endless drivel about imposing diversity, equity, and inclusion on us, they are ruining our cities, states, and nations. They let loose their black-clad BLM and Antifa stormtroopers of arsonists, murderers, and thugs to wreck our inner cities, threaten opponents to their tactics, dare police to stop them, and blame Republicans. To ensure their growing hold on total power, Democrats have altered the Patriot Act after 9/11 to redefine terrorists from being radical Islamic jihadists to being White MAGA Christians, especially males. They have weaponized federal law enforcement to go after Christians, anti-abortion, and MAGA supporters they know are armed and ready to defend themselves, their families, and the Republic from the real terrorists, the Marxist Progressive Democrat party.

They’ve corrupted education when we weren’t paying attention. So today, our streets fill on demand with indoctrinated morons demanding Biden’s government to support radical Islamic terrorists instead of Israel, our middle east ally. They deny Hamas’s mass atrocities on 07 Oct 23 and, despite video evidence to the contrary, accuse Israel of genocide against innocent Palestinian people while defending their existence as a country. There are no innocent Palestinian people. The pride of any society is their children, except in Islamic ones, where even little children are indoctrinated to accept that the path to Islamic happiness is to kill Jews and are trained in small arms and tactics to do just that. The proof lies in the multiple Go-Pro videos collected from the bodies of dead terrorists and security cameras.

Because of the sheer butchery by Hamas against the Jews, these videos have been deemed too awful to show generally to the public. Private screenings have been arranged, and interviews of attendees coming out of the theaters were so heart-rending and chilling to the conscious that the media won’t air them publicly for fear of enraging Biden’s Muslim voters in Michigan and creating worldwide outrage against Islam who’s the primary tenant is death to Infidels, especially Jews. Nobody reads their book, the Quran. It’s all in there! And now, the Democrat, Joe Biden, is ready to throw Israel under the bus for a few votes of silver from Islam.

Americans need to understand the enemy that Joe Biden is trying to protect. They need to see these dastardly videos and be repulsed by them. I call for these videos of monstrous, depraved madmen running around gunning down innocent civilians, slitting throats, shooting families, and roasting infants in ovens to be made freely available to viewers on demand. Viewings should be required in Humanities classes of students right out of High School on their first day in college. “Oh no, the poor children will be traumatized by it.” So, what, let them! Our streets are already awash with blood with indiscriminate shootings by the “less fortunate” inmates of the inner cities. Viewing the films should end the nonsense once and for all of the ignorant non-Islamic students supporting Jihadists on American streets.

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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