The Alliance of the Free States




Doug Sanders


Guest Editorial


The United States on January 6th, 2021 experienced a constitutional crisis wherein after a fraudulent election took place facilitated by the Deep State, Chinese Communist Party (CCP or ChiComs), Globalist Oligarchs, as weak or subversive politicians validated it.  Then a weak judiciary abdicated responsibility to adjudicate despite blatant and prolific evidence.  The result was in essence a coup against the people, states and constitution bringing the threat of totalitarianism and a loss of the most fundamental rights.  With the leftist Deep State and those politicians controlled by the oligarchy and CCP, a distinct delineation has appeared between American states which have resisted these onslaughts and those who embraced them against their people.  Consequently, it seems necessary that those states which wish to preserve the intrinsic freedoms heretofore enjoyed by Americans since the founding of the country, must join in common cause, or suffer the fate intended by our enemies.


Free States are those American states that subscribe to the original ideas and intent of the US Constitution as adopted, with its subsequent amendments.  They have governors and state legislatures that uphold and protect the political, economic, religious, and personal freedoms provided by the US and their state constitutions.  To this end, they are willing to pass nullification laws, and protect their lawful residents from federal overreach and laws which violate the spirit and letter of those constitutions.

Few if any states can stand alone against the economic and political blackmail, which the federal government is capable of imposing on states that simply lack the resources to individually defend themselves from federal overreach. Therefore, to preserve freedom at any level within the several states, they must join in an alliance that includes but does not limit mutual support and coordination in:

  • Economies and energy, ensuring free flow of goods and providing adequate energy to maintain growth.
  • Resistance to unconstitutional regulations and laws
  • Law enforcement to curtail Gestapo tactics by federal agencies.
  • Immigration policies which deny illegal alien resettlement and its inherent costs to the states.
  • Reformed education standards which eliminate leftist brainwashing and propaganda, and a return to traditional moral values and learning.
  • Mutual debt support, and assistance in time of emergencies.
  • If necessary, mutual military support to protect infrastructure, borders, and population centers as well as other sensitive needs.


A great many obstacles exist to such a concept as described above.  The initial one to overcome is “normalcy bias”.  The public has a natural resistance to warnings that will affect their day to day lives.  They see that even with the negative effects of some administrations and events over the years, they have managed to continue their lives without too much disruption.  Thus, they tend to reject those signals which are obvious to some, as unnecessary worry, thinking if they ignore the situation, it will eventually resolve itself and leave them as they were.

Leadership within individual states can be parochial to the point of refusing to work with other leaders unless under the greatest duress, at which time it could be too little too late.

Opposition by the leftist media and Deep State can be expected to generate threats and fear mongering against the leadership and public once any state organizational activities begin.  Subversive elements would likely be sent to demonstrate, and perhaps cause rioting and property damage to dissuade any form of mutual support. Anything available to the imagination from recent events should not be ignored.



In sales and advertising, the goal of the company or any organization, is to message the potential customer in a way that makes them want and even develop a real or perceived need for a product or service.   Research in Media and Marketing communications has shown that people tend to be influenced the most by people they admire, close friends and family.  Without going into the weeds, which would cover a couple of textbooks, getting people like politicians, leaders, and lay people to consider and accept new concepts, they must receive input first from someone they trust and admire.

An example would be the loyalty engendered by the late Rush Limbaugh with his radio audience and readers.  His conservative influence converted many liberals or those indifferent politically, and helped conservatives stay the course during times of leftist domination. Other conservative TV and radio personalities have loyal followers as do popular politicians who have not caved to leftist pressures.  Those who have expanded their political knowledge through these personalities also influence those in their families and circle of friends if they can convey ideas in a confident and knowledgeable manner.

Consequently, to bring about the acceptance of the principles and then the action necessary to bring about an alliance of free states, their leaders must by influenced by famous if not well-known national personalities, and pressured by their constituency, similarly influenced.


Our Stand Up America US Foundation leadership must first distill the Free State Concept to those parameters which would be most common to those states with generally conservative governors and legislatures.

Next, the concept should be communicated to those influential entities in the media and politics who not only have the personal connections, but also a national audience.  Those who can be convinced of the necessity for an Alliance of such states to weather the Great Reset and become islands of freedom, both economically and politically, need to be convinced to promote the concept not only to their public audience, but also to those within their circle of personal influence.

One point that must be stressed is that this alliance between states in no way whatsoever is a form of secession, or promotion of secession.  We would hope that all Americans want to retain a united country that will weather the storm and come through stronger having met and defeated this latest challenge to our sovereignty.  The leftist media once aware, will no doubt try to change the narrative to a negative. Therefore, we must be firm in delineating to our allies the boundaries of verbiage in which they must remain.

Ideally, they will agree to supplant “Red State” with “Free State” which will be an attention spark almost immediately and create a definitive positive image of those states with the most economic and political freedom compared to the liberal “Blue States”.   Having been supplied with a fact sheet by our organization, they can then answer caller questions and feel comfortable communicating the concept publicly and privately.

Barring an idea that is the complete antithesis to someone’s values, the desire to be associated with admired personalities weighs heavily in favor of them accepting and communicating those concepts to their own circle of influence.

In theory, two factors should drive this concept to acceptance.  One, that as the economy continues to spiral downward, those currently healthy states will want to remain so, making the idea of mutual economic support extremely attractive.  Second, once that concept is in the discussion among governors and other state leaders, the political, and legal benefits should naturally fall into place.


Additional Factors

Recently it became apparent that other players have come to the realization that the United States has been severely crippled by the Deep State and its allies.  They, like us, see that the individual states are the key to survival.  Most notably, and are trying to raise awareness among citizens that they must put pressure on their state and local leaders to enact nullification laws and take steps to counter the federal overreach we are seeing take place.

Any support or joint effort with these and similar organizations with potentially overlapping effort will allow an expanded campaign in a shorter time span.  We may suspect that other like organizations will be fostered by patriotic citizens.  Whether these and others work within our auspices or not, if their goals are aligned with ours, their efforts should benefit our goals as well.  We should be cautious to vet each group to avoid unintentionally associating with an organization that has ulterior or anti-American goals which are not in the states or our country’s best interests.  Once our program is in place we can reach out to these other organizations.



Events are unfolding at an exceptionally fast pace.  The Oligarchy, Deep State and ChiComs realize that they have a limited window of opportunity to complete their plan of dominance and elimination of the United States as a first world power.  While many are aware and are individually or in groups trying to raise the alarm, normalcy bias, as pointed out earlier is a stumbling block which must be overcome to activate the public.

Flexibility in our own thinking as well as making tactical adjustments to accommodate the unforeseen, is necessary at each stage and level.  Time is of the essence and the stakes never higher.


Released by the Stand Up America US Foundation