Editor’s Note: From our great friend Lt. Colonel Allen West, U.S. Army (ret.) and Ginni Thomas of The Daily Caller.

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Allen West: Election Is Referendum On Obama’s Failures

Former Congressman Col. Allen West calls the athletes expressing anti-Americanism “deplorable, despicable and disgusting.”

Specifically about NFL players, “When I look at these privileged, little, spoiled princes getting multi-million dollar contracts,” West wonders “what is it about America that has oppressed you?”

He couldn’t help but notice that on the opening day for the NFL, Commissioner Roger Goodell fined players $6,000 for honoring 9/11 on their cleats, while 49ers player Colin Kaepernick can wear socks depicting police as pigs without sanction.

West is the executive director of the National Council for Policy Analysis (NCPA), an author, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant  colonel and an outspoken former member of Congress with a massive following on his website and social media. He was in Washington recently for this exclusive video interview for The Daily Caller News Foundation.

West believes this election will be a rejection of the political class that failed the American people. Our sovereignty has not been protected, he says. Folks want to stay safe, and yet policies like sanctuary cities, failed screenings of immigrants and refugees, and the increasing Islamic terrorist violence make Americans distrust their government.

“I think it is a huge referendum on the failures of Barack Obama, but also the men and women of the United States Congress who have not upheld their oath to the Constitution.” He does not think America can take another four years of Obama’s policies — policies the president has said Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton will continue.

West says voters gave the Republican Congress large majorities because the American people used the ballot box to say “stop Obama’s fundamental transformation.” Yet, they have not.

West thinks it’s gotten worse in many cases. He believes Republicans are not hearing their voters, and treating them as if Washington knows better than they do. “People are done with that.”

West tells his former congressional colleagues they cannot be upset with Republican nominee Donald Trump “because you created Donald Trump. If you had done what you were supposed to do in the House and the Senate, if you had used the checks and balances, if you had seen yourselves as co-equal branches of government, voters would have seen an opposition party.” As an example, West says, the president does not have the power to release prisoners from the Guantanamo Bay detention camp.

West adds “recalcitrance, reticence and fear” by the Republican Congress has caused Americans to say to the Republican Party, “you’re irrelevant” and “we are going to find someone that’s going to stand up and fight.”

“Obfuscation, denial and lies” are at the core of Obama’s national security policy and we are losing the war on Islamic jihadism because the president refuses to identify our ideological enemy from militant, unreformed Islam, West says. Secretary of State John Kerry says climate change is the most serious threat to our nation. West is ashamed to remind us that air-conditioning is a bigger threat than the Islamic State to these people in Obama’s administration.

West says he will not have someone be America’s commander in chief who abandoned Americans to die during a firefight (Benghazi, Libya in 2011), and then lied about it. Chiding any foreign policy expert who is inclined to support HRC, West asks about the Russian reset button, the complete withdrawal from Iraq which formed ISIS, the failure in Libya that has now become a sanctuary for Islamic terrorists.

West condemns the increasing tendency of Democrats to smear and demean those who disagree with their liberal orthodoxy.

He ends the video interview answering what he would do differently if he were the speaker of the house or secretary of defense.









So long…Goodbye…Auf Wiedersehen.



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