All Not Well with US Foreign Policy


Andrew P. O’Meara, Jr., Col., USA (RET)

Recently I have experienced a nagging feeling that all is not well with American foreign policy in the Ukrainian conflict. It does not add up. I see no connection between US national interests and the US-led war efforts in support of Ukraine. The USA has managed nicely since the founders signed the Declaration of Independence without any national interests in Ukraine. Yet two hundred and forty-five years later we are told that Americans must support the people of Ukraine, whose sovereignty has been violated by a Russian invasion.

Meanwhile, here at home, we have an invasion of millions of terrorists, drug traffickers, and criminal gangs, who are inflicting great hardships on every American community. Our schools, hospitals, and housing are flooded with illegal aliens unable to speak English or contribute to the economy, apart from operating as criminal parasites. Despite the hardship imposed on Americans everywhere by the invasion of illegal aliens, the Biden Administration looks the other way.

And who supports this travesty? The answer is the Biden Administration supported by the Deep State, the neo-cons who make a fortune from foreign wars, and the Biden crime family, who have made a fortune peddling influence on the Ukrainian leaders. How has this collusion of crooks, communists and organized crime that serves no national interests come to dominate national strategy?

Why are we sending billions of dollars to protect Ukrainian sovereignty, while we ignore the plight of communities across the country overrun by illegal aliens that the American people cannot begin to support? Ukrainian sovereignty is sacrosanct to Joe Biden, while American sovereignty is ignored. Why the disconnect? Is the sovereignty of the Ukrainians more important to Joe Biden than is the sovereignty of Americans whom the President has sworn to protect? How can this disconnect of American foreign policy from US national interests serve the American people?

The answer is the war in Ukraine is not a war for America. It is the work of the Deep State (covert Obama government), the Never-Trump neo-cons (seeking bribes), and the Biden crime family, who have used the Federal government to advance their personal fortunes. They have their fingerprints all over the Ukrainian corruption, including CDC-funded bio labs (CCP/NIH/CDC/Schultz Bio Warfare), the Biden family influence peddling, and the State Department/CIA meddling in the Ukrainian elections that put Zelensky in office.

The Biden White House cannot risk exposure of their high crimes. So, the Biden Administration jumpstarted the conflict using the question of NATO membership for Ukraine to goad Putin into intervention and war. It has been a risky strategy that Putin has threatened to oppose with nuclear weapons, yet we see no efforts to moderate the reckless Biden intervention. Evidently, the Biden Administration considers concealing their dirty work worth risking a nuclear war with Russia.

Now the US refuses to allow negotiations to go forward since the evidence of the Democrats’ wrongdoing is still in full view. Consequently, the long war Gen. Miley opines as to the US preferred option that has the advantage of possible Russian regime change. (Putin knows too much for the comfort of the Biden White House.) This strategy conflicts with the actual needs of the people of the US and the people of Ukraine and their national interests, revealing a total disregard for the human suffering caused by the war.

The Ukrainian war strategy of the Biden regime has destroyed cities across the country, inflicted countless casualties, and created a massive migration of refugees. The blood and treasure invested in the war have been wasted on objectives at odds with the real interests of the Ukrainian people. It is worse than cruel. It is unconscionable. These Obama/Biden people are cold-blooded opportunists seeking wealth and total power at any cost. Particularly hypocritical are the alligator tears wept by the fake news media and the Democrats for the suffering of the Ukrainian people they have betrayed to hide their influence peddling, money laundering, and illegal Biowarfare experiments.

Patriotic Americans cannot abide by the unconstitutional and criminal conduct of these traitors, holding the highest positions of authority in the land, who have highjacked American foreign policy to advance their personal fortunes? We have been slow to recognize the disconnect between US national interests and the criminal strategy of the Biden White House. The Biden regime has pursued a strategy that serves their personal financial fortunes but is destructive to US national interests. Regrettably, the entire criminal strategy of CCP/Obama/Biden/CDC/Soros/Shultz is blindly advanced by the fake news media, true believers in the radical socialist ideology (Communism/One World Order) of the Biden White House.

It is an ugly mess that Joe Biden has made in his brief time in office. It amounts to multiple impeachable offenses. Despite this national travesty, I confess that I harbor a deep and abiding resentment for the RINO traitors, who have betrayed the GOP by backing the conspiracy of Obama, Biden, and the socialist Democrats. These never-Trump traitors, including Mike Pence, Mitt Romney, and Liz Cheney, are guilty of treason. They deserve to be hung as were the conspirators in the Lincoln assassination for their efforts to overthrow the government. Despite our disgust for these odious defectors, we need to focus on defeating the communists before we accept the issue of bringing the traitors to justice. First things first.

Saving the Constitution must be our priority.

 Author of Liberty Vs. Tyranny

Published and Distributed by the Stand Up America US Foundation

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