Editor’s Note – Stand Up America and our partners at The Westminster Institute have been in constant contact with their new friends in the government of Egypt under General al Sisi since their official visit last September with him and other high level state, church, and military leaders.

Today, MG Vallely received an urgent update from his high level contacts in Cairo and wants to share with our readers the Egyptian State Information Service (S.I.S.)  press release to continue to bring you the real story. Please read on:

Press Release

SIS Assures Egyptian Judiciary’s Independence and Demands All to Respect its Sentences

MG Vallely Dr Patrick Sookhdeo General El Sisi

MG Vallely and Dr Patrick Sookhdeo meet with Egyptian leader General al Sisi last September in Cairo.

In light of the assigned role to the State Information Service (S.I.S.) in presenting the correct information about all events occurring in Egypt, and its subsequent review and observation of comments published in foreign media outlets about the “Abdeen” Misdemeanor Court’s sentence to imprison “April 6th Movement” founder Ahmad Maher and activists Ahmad Douma and Mohamed Adel for 3 years and fine them 50 thousand EGP each.

S.I.S. would like to indicate that Egypt, in this transitional period, is striving to establish a democratic state where the law prevails and all citizens are equal against its rule. Therefore, the three activists’ trial was held in light of executing the law and according to legal procedures that ensure their right to defend themselves.

In this regard, S.I.S. would like to note that the law organizing the right to hold public meetings, convoys, and peaceful protests confirms in its first article the right to hold and join public meetings, convoys, and peaceful protests according to the provisions and regulations outlined in the law, which do not detract from the guarantees to freedom of speech and intellect nor do they restrict them.

In fact, the law is to organize and secure protests and assure the safety of participants as well as that of citizens at large, which is an established practice in many democratic nations where prior notification is required.

With this said, S.I.S. would like to shed light upon a number of facts as follows:

  • The above mentioned gentlemen have been previously accused by the General Prosecutor of participating in the violent incidents that occurred at the “Abdeen” Court perimeter in Downtown Cairo on November 30th where they assaulted security forces assigned with protecting the court, as well as, organizing a protest without prior notification in front of the “Shurra” Council in addition to other accusations of congregating and disrupting public transportation; all of which are in violation of law “107” of the year 2013. It is worth noting here that the “Abdeen” Misdemeanor Court’s sentence is a preliminary one and the convicted reserve the right to appeal.
  • The arrest of Mr. Mohamed Adel occurred at the “Egyptian Centre for Economic and Social Rights” in execution of the General Prosecutor’s decree to detain him and bring him to justice.

Finally, S.I.S. would like to reiterate the Egyptian Government’s confirmation that there no longer is a room for violating the law under any pretext and that the law shall be enforced upon all without exceptions regardless of political or party affiliation. The Egyptian Government, further, reinforces that it respects and upholds rights to freedom of speech and expression, peaceful assembly, and freedom of press.

In addition, the Constitutional Declaration issued on July 8th, 2013 states in articles (7), (8), and (14) that crimes and punishments are only in accordance with the law and that punishments are only implemented by a court sentence. The Egyptian Government, further, confirms that in light of the checks-and-balances system, the prevalence of law is the foundation of ruling and that the Egyptian Judiciary system and its judges are independent.