By George Mcclellan

I will not call it a “Great Awakening,” but it could be close. The Republican conference in the House of Representatives is looking for a Speaker so why the problem? Is it an earthquake change in priorities, American Constitutionalism, or submitting to the New World Order run by global-spanning commercial enterprises like BlackRock? Getting rid of RINO Kevin McCarthy was the first shot at the needed political change. Any candidate for the job endorsed by Trump is equally in danger of losing the gig. We are in a stalemate. How did that happen? While it appears to be the RINOs vs. the Trumpers, perhaps the answer lies in a Hillary Clinton comment when she said:  At this point, I think, sadly, he (Trump) will still be the nominee and we have to defeat him and we have to defeat those who are the election deniers, as we did in 2020 and 2022,” Then she added this: And we have just to be smarter about how we are trying to empower the right people inside the Republican party.

Did Hillary tell us that Kevin McCarthy and the Republicans who voted against Jim Jordan, who is the best possible candidate for the job, may in fact be Democrat-leaning socialists placed there to control their narrative? Whoever they are, they are making the GOP look foolish, not that they do not do that to themselves regularly. Still, it’s not a far-fetched notion when we understand that the chaos on our streets, especially in Blue Cities, is because George Soros infected America’s justice system by spending outrageous sums to place socialist-oriented District Attorneys in local and state governments to which the Federal government all but turns a blind eye, except for MAGA people! The whole tawdry business screams out for Congressional term limits as their scheme is now exposed for all to see. They are revealed, understand that and beware!

New Zealand recently crossed that Rubicon by kicking out its Leftist (WEF) government. The people there have just got fed up with socialist garbage disguised as government. Joe Biden’s government is socialist garbage too and will, if I read the tea leaves correctly, soon follow suit. Biden and his toady Secretary of State, Tony Blinken are both imbeciles in conducting foreign policy. For example, Hamas, a designated Islamic Jihadist terrorist group, doubtless on Iran’s approval, struck a deadly but not fatal blow to Israel.

Why doesn’t Iran, Obama’s favored country, stand behind their proxy now that the Israelis are determined to exterminate Hamas? Why won’t the surrounding Islamic states act to support Hamas? Egypt will not because Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, Egypt’s current president, thinks kindly on Donald Trump supporting his government once finally rid of Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood and, watching how the Obama administration destroyed Libya, wants nothing to do with the Obama-cloned government of Joe Biden. Now, the Arab states can get away with it because Joe Biden is a weak imbecile, carries no “Big Stick,” has the decision-making skills of a Siquirres crossing a road, and they know it.

Besides, Egypt does not want this mob of useless Palestinians clogging up their desert. Neither does Jordan, who is tight with the American army and incapable of launching any pointless attack against anybody, let alone Israel. Syria does not have an army anymore, and American troops are also in place, so they are out. Syria can expect no support from Russia, their once major sponsor, because it is fighting its costly war against the former Soviet colony of Ukraine. The only group left is the Hezbollah Islamic terrorist group in southern Lebanon, another Iran proxy army. Oh yes, they have thousands of Iranian and home-manufactured rockets but do not have an air force. Another political fact remains unmentioned for Hezbollah: they are a part of the Lebanese government, not all members of which are Islamic terrorists supported by Jihadists. These people do not want to feel the wrath of an angry Israel if Hezbollah launches a second front-to-back Hamas. They have heavily militarized southern Lebanon, but the Israelis already know where every tunnel, bunker, and establishing position is.

Like Hamas, these Islamic terrorists are willing to use their children and families as shields to protect their infrastructure from Israeli bombs and use the propaganda of mangled children’s bodies as propaganda to prove Israel is the aggressor stroking world outrage from the morons among them. Changes are coming, but excuses will not work anymore.

Biden’s government is running around like chickens with their heads cut off, probably a bad metaphor under the circumstances, but Obama (Biden) doesn’t want to see a strengthened Israel or a weakened Hamas, so they, including the UN, call for a cease-fire on “humanitarian grounds,” to get food, water, and medicine to save Palestinians from the misery of their captivity. Exactly what medicine is needed? Can’t they afford band-aids and Iodine?  In retrospect, after a couple of weeks of watching events, I do not see this tragedy as a precursor to World War. Hamas launched an attack against Israel they could not follow up on, and they will pay for it. What was the political and military purpose besides the propaganda value and the self-satisfied feeling of killing Jews?

The Islamic Republic of Iran, giddy over a small victory against the hated Jews, is celebrating. They think they are in the “cats-bird seat,” but once Joe Biden and his feckless government is gone, their weaknesses will be revealed for all to see. The embargos will be reinstated, and Iranian oil exports will cease because if they do not, their only oil-loading facility will be destroyed at the end of the story. Like the New Zealanders, Iranians may finally succeed in ousting the Islamic mullahs that have ruined their once glorious country.

I did not mention China in this essay. China has a multitude of problems, not the least: its money is running out, its citizens are restless, and their export and housing economies are nearly collapsing. American companies who once thought cheap labor in China was the panacea to their investors and did not see the strings attached are pulling out. China has thrown its economic power worldwide and cannot afford to maintain it. Their biggest fear should be an invigorated, industrialized, and militarized India, not squabbling over the little Islands in the South China Sea. No, do not count on China helping except from behind.

The Democrat party is a conglomeration of radical anti-American Marxist zealots determined to bring America to its knees by any means possible. The wheels are starting to come off their bus, and as soon as Republicans get their Congressional act together, we may see some major changes coming. What we need is a Donald Trump again.

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, get ready; they are coming for us next! But, have faith. We will prevail!


Released and Distributed by the Stand Up America US Foundation