Guest Editorial by Colonel Andrew P. O’Meara (US Army, Ret)

February 19, 2022

 Fellow Americans,

The Democrats make no secret of their purpose, which is to remake the free market economy into a socialist economy. Their proposals would alter America making the USA into a socialist, authoritarian regime within a one-party state. The place the Democrats are determined to take our society – communism – has grave consequences.

I have some thoughts on our future should the Left succeed in their transformation of our society. I ask your indulgence as we address political philosophy germane to the discussion. The subject is important, and it is relevant to resisting the communist Democrats. It is a discussion of why we must fight.

There are many problems with Marxism:

  • The economic principles do not work. i.e., centralized planning cannot compete with the free market, and supply and demand when it comes to efficiency.
  • When everyone owns everything, nobody owns anything, which destroys the work ethic that is a product of the American free-market economy.
  • Marx’s workers’ paradise requires the murder of the clergy, the nobility, the landowners, and the middle class – a huge task that applies Darwin’s principle upside down. (They kill off the fittest, i.e., the more industrious, the most intelligent, and the most skilled; and they retained the less fit of society. Not smart.)
  • Communism destroys virtue and rewards genocidal maniacs. Not smart.
  • The Communist Party is a dysfunctional dictatorship that devours its young, which was typical of the Jacobins, the Bolsheviks, and the Chinese Communist tyrants. (For a detailed discussion see Liberty Vs. Tyranny by Col. Andrew P. O’Meara, Jr., USA (Ret.))

I want to share a few observations on the institutionalization of evil, i.e., communism. When a society is dedicated to evil such as genocide, dictatorship, and subjugation of the workers to slavery there are consequences that are evil. The Communist dictatorship is such a society. It is founded in evil and dedicated to evil.

There are consequences of evil deeds that shape the inhabitants of such a society. The soldiers and the secret police of the USSR murdered millions in the name of the state. The soldiers and the KGB who conducted the genocidal crimes of the communist dictatorship were brutalized by reason of their crimes. Those who murder for a living are murderers. The Soviet murderers were not nice people. They became sadistic thugs, similar in character to the SS assassins of the Third German Reich. The brutalization of the assassins is not a matter of choice. It is the product of behavior. We are what we do.

 In contrast to the evil produced by communism, Western Civilization and Judeo-Christian culture cultivate morality and virtue. The Ten Commandments inculcate morality that fosters responsible citizens and a stable productive society. American society and the US military are dedicated to virtue and good, e.g., government by, for, and of the people; all are created equal; the sovereignty of the people; and life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – all noble ends dedicated to the glory of God.

The American soldier fights for freedom. He or she defends the Constitution, a noble end that produces noble behavior and noble deeds. Consequently, service in the US military is seen as a blessing by our people, by our soldiers, and by almighty God. Those who serve and sacrifice for freedom and the American people behave in a noble manner that results in noble character, because we are what we do.

 The communist Democrats in America are preparing to take the American people down a very evil path that will produce evil results. Their goal entails constructing a so-called workers’ paradise that is a dictatorship that uses social engineering to eliminate entire classes, e.g., the middle class, property owners, the clergy, and the owners of industry. Their dictatorship of the proletariat enslaves the people, including the workers they claim to champion, in what amounts to a repressive police state. The enslaved Soviet Union was on a perpetual war footing to prevent counter-revolution by the Soviet population.

The Critical Race Theory (CRT) agenda of the Left is intended to facilitate the revolution by brainwashing the troops so they can be depended upon to fire on the people. They intend to create a hate-filled military capable of killing class enemies, as defined by Karl Marx. It is an agenda that will turn the American soldier from a noble person into a brutal thug. Because we are what we do. There are no exceptions. Communism is evil and it will turn our society into an evil, hate-filled society.

The Marxists fail to mention the consequences of their classless society. Virtue is turned into vice. And God’s people are either murdered or turned into genocidal murderers. They make no exceptions for the useful idiots who voted for Joe Biden, who will become serfs in a brutal police state. This is an outcome worthy of our reflection before Americans blindly follow the communist zealots into the abyss.

If we lose this battle, we and our progeny will be sent to a very evil place, if they survive the revolution. The only winners are communist leaders, who become tyrants and rulers of a demonic, evil society. The communists become devils as Dostoevsky has observed, an outcome that is a curse upon the people.

May Almighty God bless and protect us from evil – the communist Democrats.

Andrew P. O’Meara, Jr., USA (Ret.)

Author of Liberty Vs. Tyranny

Distributed by the Stand Up America US Foundation

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