Citizen’s Action Plan for America

by Flag Officers4america

 Purpose:  To put constitutional government back into the hands of “We the People”

How?  Citizen involvement at the Local, State, and National levels-emphasis on local grass roots organizations to get involved-then roll these actions into actions at state and federal levels

Education: citizens/parents control schools; not boards, administrators, or unions

  • remove critical race theory and 1619 project teaching; insist on fact-based teaching of climate change and our national history
  • elect those with traditional values to school boards
  • attend and speak at the school board, PTA, and other school meetings
  • volunteer to assist teachers in class; attend classes
  • allow voluntary prayer in school
  • get civics back into the classroom along with math and science Political: get involved with local government
  • elect those with traditional values as county commissioners, county clerks, and to serve on county committees
  • elect those with traditional values to serve as mayors, city council members, and various committees at the town and city levels
  • attend meetings at county, town, and city levels and speak out
  • require the Pledge of Allegiance to open all county, town, and city meetings
  • elections: volunteer to be a poll worker and/or watcher
  • stay informed on legislative actions at the state and national level; phone, write letters, emails, etc., to elected officials—ensure they know how you want them to vote—hold them accountable
  • present your concerns to your congressional and senate local district representatives
  • elect those with conservative values to Republican party precinct positions to represent your local interests at the state and federal level
  • contribute to campaigns, money and/or volunteer work

Law enforcement: elect sheriffs and DAs who will constitutionally enforce the rule of law and will resist state and federal mandates infringing on Constitutional Rights of citizens

  • thank your law enforcement officials both verbally and in writing for their dedicated service Media: write to local newspapers, radio, and TV stations with facts; correct media misinformation Organize: citizens within church groups, among church groups, and outside church groups
  • attend peaceful demonstrations on key issues like schools, open borders, election integrity, 1st and                    2d Amendment Rights, etc.

Sanctuaries: vote to have your county, town, city, even state become sanctuary places for 1st and 2d amendment rights to resist efforts from the national or state levels to restrict freedom of speech, religion, assembly, to keep and bear arms, and so on