Guest Editorial by George Mcclellan

We are between a rock and a hard spot, are we not? We are no longer “E Pluribus Unum” and have been deliberately pushed there! Despite the multiple foreign policy fiascos we face due to our administration’s total incompetence, that same administration still deliberately sustains the malicious intent of Biden’s open border policy to flood America with new, hopefully, grateful immigrant voters who will keep Democrats in power. By Biden’s account, America’s future voter base includes the criminal dregs released from foreign prisons, Chinese spies, Islamic terrorists, potential foreign fighters in place ready to act upon demand, violent drug cartels, and simple, disease-ridden peasants looking for a way to support their families back home. Please make no mistake, they are all here illegally, many with ulterior motives, and they must all be removed before they plant roots.

Because of feckless Joe Biden’s weakness, border wars are underway in Ukraine and Israel, and while the motives are different, they are border wars, nonetheless. We should learn how to deal with our border crisis from those conflicts. Suppose little Israel, in its self-defense, is capable of eradicating Hamas, a well-organized, well-armed, well-financed, and well-entrenched terrorist organization supported by the population it surrounds itself with, even to their sacrifice. In that case, our military should, in quick order, be more than capable of quickly eradicating the criminal Mexican drug cartels pouring their deadly products and millions of illegals across our southern border. The US Army’s Joint Special Operations Command and others are ready to go; they need the president’s order to do it. It will not happen!

Despite these self-induced but solvable problems, Biden adds to our woes by continuing to push the Progressive narrative that we’re in imminent doom if we do not quickly fix the fossil fuel-created ‘climate change’ crisis. How much will it cost us to avoid such an awful fate? The loonies insist that America would function better without fossil fuel-driven motor vehicles pouring tons of that nasty CO2 into a fragile atmosphere. Wouldn’t we be happier instead, relying on free wind and sun energy to brighten our lives? Possibly, if we could only figure out a way to afford it. It can’t be done.

To support Biden’s mandate, all motor vehicles sold in America must be electrified within a decade. Many local power-producing companies see a chance to profit by building EV charging stations, passing those costs off to all their customers in their monthly use bills, and accepting US Grants for the purpose. How about that? If you don’t own an EV and never intend to own one, it will still be us homeowners picking up the tab so EVs can charge their batteries. I do not involuntarily fill up my neighbor’s gas tanks, so I’m not too keen on this idea either. On top of that, when the second wave of Biden’s inflation hits us in 2024 due to the government’s fiscal incompetence, Joe Biden will do what Democrats always do, ‘deny everything, admit nothing, and blame somebody else.’ Predictably, Joe will then blame power companies for “price gouging,” depending on it, followed by a program of price controls ensuring shortages and higher prices for goods and services down the road. It’s an old formula, a correctable one, but it happens repeatedly when incompetents have the checkbook.

On top of Biden’s border crisis and many other fiascos, a new crisis, antisemitism, has flared up on American streets since the 7 Oct. atrocities against Israel are forcing Americans once again to take sides. This division can be laid directly at the threshold of our “Woke” colleges and universities whose academic ranks have been filled with Socialists, Marxists, Islamists, affirmative action plagiarists, and perverts all quite capable and willing to take advantage of our crumbling societal infrastructure to push their own agenda’s. They filled the streets with screaming, indoctrinated morons who know nothing about that which they protest. Also, they accept vast quantities of cash from any source that is non-Christian or anti-American so long as that source is permitted to establish on-campus cultural centers to promulgate understanding between cultures.

The Chinese, for example, have set up Centers for Confucius Studies where Chinese spies, like at the University of Penn, had facilities where they could freely rummage through the thousands of Joe Biden’s collection of Secret US Government documents without hindrance. Saudi Arabia did the same in the name of Islamic cultural exchanges where Mohamadism (Islam) can be taught to young “brains full of mush.” These indoctrinated cretin protestors showed up in their hundreds on America’s streets just days after 7 October demanding the genocide of Jews and an end to America’s support of Israel.

James Madison warned us that “Crisis is the rallying cry of the tyrant.” We are a nation of tyranny, but it’s all been preplanned. Now, the so-called educated class is being trained to accept the dictates of alleged Intellectual globalist elites determined to tell us how to live, where to live, when to be injected with their poison, how often, what to drive, and the need for health passports to get there. We’re a nation in crisis. The tyrants are waiting for the first blow from the ever-more oppressed MAGA supporters. Then they’ll act to destroy us. They need an excuse. They could manufacture one, so be careful; it’s a jungle out there.

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the Way. Now, Get out there and Get involved

Released by the Stand Up America US Foundation

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