By George Mcclellan

Republished by permission

Itis as apparent as Elm Blight in January that the disease of Woke Progressivism has all but poisoned our once great America as we sat idle and allowed it. Everything Progressives have touched, from the federal to state and local governments, the Judicial system of law and order, the educational system from kindergarten to the Universities, the military, and even the health care systems that have fallen under the whims of progressive nonsense thinkers, are nearly ruined by their social philosophies of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) plus celebrating every form of demented sexual perversion their wicked minds can think up.

Turned Civil Rights into a government-sponsored grievance program

They have elevated the Democrat affirmative action scheme in the name of fairness, to hire the unwilling to do the unnecessary and led by the incompetent in all the ranks of industry and government to create an equitable and happy people. When will that happen, one wonders?

They have raised our once productive society to the highest level of incompetence and turned Civil Rights into a government-sponsored grievance program of expected government benefits by stealing earnings from the producers to dispense as rewards to the nonproductive class of grifters, whiners, and thieves while wasting what’s left of the country’s treasury on silly schemes challenging God about the climate. We’re fools for listening. We’re worse fools for complying with the whims of government stupidity like unconstitutional vaccine mandates demanding all citizens line up and accept their poison through injection so the money-greedy pharmaceutical industry and their political supporters can profit. Can somebody explain the difference between European Jews obediently lining up in front of trenches to be shot or ‘free showers” before being gassed and our government mandating people take a deadly vaccine? The growing list of deaths following those injections speaks volumes about where our government is taking us. Fascism is rampant in America’s government.

A perfect example of progressive incompetence is the disaster that is California

Under Progressivism, the leviathan that is Joe’s socialist government accounts for the highest employment of any industry in our country. It has created bureaucracies within bureaucracies, each filled with thousands of affirmative action worker bees squandering taxpayers’ money on useless schemes while producing little value to America except more government. The burden is almost unbearable. A perfect example of progressive incompetence is the disaster that is California, once the most significant producer of American products in all fifty states and that once would have been considered the sixth wealthiest country in the world.

Convince me that Harvard’s President Dr. Claudine Gay, Ph.D., an accused plagiarist, does not fit that affirmative action description to a tee or UPenn’s Liz Magill and MIT’s Sally Kornbluth as ideologically anchored in Marxism. For Progressives, everything must be viewed in “context.” Do you know what ‘context’ means? Think in terms of the Hamas genocide against Jews as ‘in context.’ ‘In context’ should be a simple extension of the Progressive idea of abortion. Dr. Gay didn’t use those words, but that’s what her “context’ sounded like, and as the thinkers of Progressivism accept abortion to keep the population under control, why not genocide as well to keep the Jews under control? How do Progressives protect one of their own, Dr Gay, from the backlash of such insipid stupidity? It’s done by making her a victim, claiming she was facing racism and a campaign of propaganda.