Guest Editorial by George Mcclellan

America wallows in a seemingly perpetual world of crisis upon crisis because we are not being led by our best and brightest. We’ve allowed Democrats to supplant good old common sense, logic, and bipartisan politics with what doesn’t work: theories of diversity, equity, and inclusion, aka affirmative action with a racist bent, i.e., Whites and Asians, need not apply. Well, I tell a fib. The American-born Chinese female mayor of Boston, Ma. is exempted because having sipped off the “Woke” kool-aids, she has contrived, under the cover of the Christmas season, to reconfigure Boston politics into a blatant exercise in racial segregation.

Everywhere we witness the incompetent leading the unwilling doing the unnecessary but, with Leftist guidance to ensure division. When President Nixon was facing his presidential “Waterloo” because of the tawdry Watergate business, he famously said: “The American people need to know if their president is a crook. Well, I’m not a crook!” Somehow, I must believe him because whatever he did, he didn’t do it for his own or his family’s self-enrichment. On the other hand, Joe Biden is “a crook” no matter how strenuously he denies it.

The crisis created by the four ignorant Democrat nimrods on Colorado’s Supreme Court to prohibit Donald Trump’s name from appearing on that state GOP Primary ballot and hence the General election ballot reveals, apart from demonstrating how professionally incompetent they are, is a crisis in their formal education. The basis of any legal education lies in the US Constitution. Hidden in there, somewhere, is a paragraph called the 14th Amendment. They’ve never read it. Three are Ivy League college graduates, another shameful mark against the products of formerly prestigious Ivy League law schools. They took it upon their political whim to deny Colorado’s citizens the right to choose their candidate. It is not the judges who decide who is on a ballot or not; it’s the people. Their involvement is limited to the constitutionality of the process. These four undoubtedly received participation trophies in their youths and should not even be allowed to sit on a traffic court bench. Worse for us, we see as hard evidence how far the Progressive Left (Communists) have neutralized America’s system of law and order by stuffing the ranks with incompetent Stalinist-minded jurists. It is yet another example of how fast the Democrat party is dragging America into the tyranny of despotism.

There are other examples of fascism we can’t ignore, like the orchestrated, antisemitic street demonstrations roiling on Blue City streets by the brainwashed, anxiety-driven college and university students taught to despise America, hate Jews, and demand immediate succor for Palestinian Jihadists. They’ve learned how to seize control of issues by flooding the streets with violent, screaming mobs of masked thugs. Sadly, we’ve picked a lousy generation to start World War III. This bunch can’t even fight their anxiety when addressed by a wrong pronoun. At some point soon, some policeman or soldier or innocent but ready citizen facing those screaming unwashed mobs of the intolerant Left will have had enough and send one or two of them to their maker. The Left is counting on it!

The crisis of Biden’s open border policy was not a mistake. It was and continues as a deliberate policy to exhaust American resources by inviting millions of the third world’s best to come flooding across our borders, exhausting the resources of cities and states, and set about destroying America’s culture of republicanism with the myriad different races who do not want to be Americans. Still, occupiers sucking up all the free resources available to them.

Obama insisted that Israel agree to a two-state solution, and Biden has followed suit. Israel has agreed several times, but it will never happen over there. The Jihadists won’t have it. For them, it’s all “From the River to the Sea.” However, it’s happening here deliberately, under the Progressive politics of divide and conquer. Apart from Joe Biden continuing in office, that’s our worst crisis. China taking Taiwan is not our crisis, but we should be ready to handle it. Biden is in deep debt to China, so he won’t resist his master’s when push comes to shove. In the meantime, that little gargoyle running North Korea is threatening to launch a nuclear missile on America if we don’t help support and feed his collapsing state economy. Seeing how Biden handled Afghanistan, his tepid support of Ukraine, and his feckless decisions to support Israel and, at the same time, Hamas certainly should give us pause about continuing to follow the incompetent doing the unnecessary. We can’t afford it! Joe Biden is leading us to our doom. He’s got to go!

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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