By MG Paul E Vallely, US Army (Ret) and George Mcclellan

What has become of America? Why are we allowing our college campuses to be overtaken by anti-American organizations funded by international Islamic organizations, George Soros, his son, and his Open Society Foundations? Mayors, police chiefs, DAs, and Governors seem frozen in time to enforce our nation’s laws. But yet we place it on trial;  a great Amrican Donald J Trump. Our country is weakening day by day and, in a sense, disintegrating as a robust and viable nation.

Biden’s political leadership is protected by corrupt federal law enforcement, especially the FBI, which we once proudly cherished as the first line of defense against criminals and the world’s most outstanding law enforcement agency. It has now become an unknown entity, lacking transparency, a dark shadow of sinister intrigue behind which is hidden a political agenda to destroy all opposition to the Progressive Democrat party. To hell with Chinese spies, Jihadi terrorists, and border crashers.

Where is our Military formed and organized to protect us from foreign and domestic aggression? We see treason being conducted by our President, Chuck Schumer, Myorkas, Obama, and others who are aiding and abetting foreign and domestic enemies of America. Why are they not being arrested and prosecuted? It seems the police state focuses more on white MAGA supporters than the natural enemies of America.

Their mission, it certainly appears, is to keep the Democrat party safely in power.  To the FBI, as an untrusted law enforcement agency, can be added the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives Agency (ATF), which once again made unfavorable headlines by shooting to death one Bryan Malinowski, the Executive Director of an airport named after Bill and Hillary Clinton in Little Rock, Ak. The Little Rock community was stunned by this senseless act of federal violence. Why did Democratic leadership see fit to shoot the airport manager? Under whose authority did this man’s death occur, and why? Such violent confrontations by ATF have become too familiar. Ruby Ridge, Waco, Texas, and now Little Rock, AK. It is a stark reminder of why we must demand better from those in authority, especially federal law enforcement.

Don’t expect it under the Biden gang’s leadership. This will soon disappear from the media as well, but still, one wonders what he did to the Clintons to merit such personal attention. The ATF has developed a bad habit, and I’m not saying that was the case here, but of shooting first and asking questions later. We know the risks faced almost daily by law enforcement are due to the growing hostile environments created by Leftist Democratic policies. Still, behind this growing fear, the Democrat party openly conducts its anti-MAGA campaign, indicative of a more significant problem within our justice system, i.e., agencies more concerned with protecting Joe Biden than serving justice. Was deadly force warranted in the death of Bryan Malinowski? One wonders what political issues will cloud the official investigation and if the results can be trusted. I wouldn’t bet on it!

Modern federal law enforcement has changed for the worse since my days. Special Agents of the old FBI, upon which my agency (NCIS) copied its tactics, were professionally attired, planned operations that would preclude violence against or by their agents, make necessary arrests without fanfare, and only brag about it when the case was successfully closed. The FBI was prepared for the John Dillinger types, gangsters willing to shoot it out with police to the death. Forget the drama of the old black-and-white gangster movies. Times have changed, and crooks and law enforcement have changed, too. What are the motives here?

I did three years of honorable service in the Regular US Army. I did five years of honorable service to the California Highway Patrol and twenty-one years of honorable service as a Special Agent in the US Naval Investigative Service, now NCIS. As a federal investigator (1811 series), we conducted our business in suits, ties, and wingtip shoes. We made arrests with warrants based upon probable cause supported by oath or affirmation of witness(s) statements, and rarely did anyone pull a firearm or threaten our objective with violence. Neither did we express a sense of violence to our aim by showing up at 06:00 am to smash into a door.

Today’s cops show up in either casual polo shirts emblazoned with their logos and printed badges or clad in black combat BDUs with helmets and body armor, bearing semi-automatic weapons suitable for a military invasion. Today, the suits and ties are gone, and the old standard “Tommy-gun” used for backup has been replaced with armored vehicles, AR-16s or comparison semi-automatic rifles, and long-range sniper rifles, all designed to inflict fear, terror, and immediate punishment for non-compliant resistors. Was that the case against the Clinton International Airport airport manager in Little Rock, Ak.? Today, we are facing an unconstitutional police state. “I was once willing to give my life for what I believed this country stands for. Today, I’m eager to give up my life to protect my family from what it’s become.

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, get involved.

Help save America.

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