Editor’s Note – Somehow, this is not surprising since the Democrat Party is in the business of disinformation – for instance, Romney is a tax cheat, a murderer, a felon, and the list goes on – guess where those adds came from, the same entities and the legal decision they gripe about. Yet, they use the law to their advantage – truths be damned.

Then there is the “Medi-scare” debacle – the truth eludes them at every corner, yet they call the right ‘liars’ in their PAC adds. Guilt projection, coupled with limited free speech – it seems the word lie will be an even more common word in the future if their idea passes.

Democratic Platform Calls for Constitutional Amendment Limiting Free Speech

By Matt Cover – CNS News

(CNSNews.com)  The 2012 Democratic Party platform includes language calling for a constitutional amendment restricting free speech rights during elections, saying that the Supreme Court decision in the Citizens United case should be overturned.

“Our opponents have applauded the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United and welcomed the new flow of special interest money with open arms. In stark contrast, we believe we must take immediate action to curb the influence of lobbyists and special interests on our political institutions,” the 2012 platform says.

“We support campaign finance reform, by constitutional amendment if necessary,” it adds.

In its 2010 decision, the Supreme Court said that the government could not restrict the political speech of activist groups or other independent organizations by limiting how much money they could spend during an election cycle. The court also struck down federal limits on when independent groups could engage in election-related activities such as running television ads or publishing political materials.

During oral arguments, the Obama administration argued that federal campaign finance laws allowed the government to ban the publication of books, pamphlets, or any other material it felt qualified as election-related communications.

By calling for a constitutional amendment – as President Obama has in the past – the Democratic Party is saying it supports an amendment restricting the First Amendment rights affirmed by the Supreme Court. Such restrictions, by the Obama administration’s own admission, would allow the government to ban the publication of books, pamphlets or any other type of material by independent political groups.

Such an amendment would also allow the government to restrict how much money independent groups could spend, effectively putting a cap on how much political speech such groups can engage in.