(Viewer Note: Pay close attention to the final segment by Major General Vallely (USAR Ret.) There is a nugget there for Patriots who enjoy research into military history and current goings-on worldwide)

Anon Audio Chat 53

As requested by overwhelming demand from Patriots out there, Audio Chat 53 is the fifty-third of direct, fireside-style conversations hosted by SG, and intended to help empower YOU (We The People everywhere) with some of the knowledge/guidance we are all collectively seeking.

In Anon Audio Chat 53, SG sits down with Canadian Patriot Norman Traversy, Major General Vallely (USAR Ret), and technical supporter/podcast host Brad Wozny. The conversation spanned everything from spirituality and authority, to irregular warfare, economy, and President Trump.

Viewer Note: This discussion was purposefully grounded in content that the average “Normie” or Sleeper can relate to, identify with, and reconcile, and was presented through this lens intentionally.
It is worth remembering that much of what is “At Play” in the world right now is orchestrated, forced, or otherwise part of a much larger Back-and-Forth between Good and Evil. We are ALL in Good Hands.

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