By Guest Editor George Mcclellan

The systemic corruption that has morphed into the self-defense battle plan of the controlling Uniparty as reflected in the demented, aging, lying and corrupt Joe Biden and his family, has arrived at the point where the people must seriously consider retaking control. The Constitution allows it. The problem is that so many of the voting public have been conned into believing they can rely on a government that provides instead of a constitution specifically designed to protect Americans from government. We’re between a rock and a hard spot because fewer and fewer of our people believe that they are unwilling to get directly involved to save America. They don’t know what they’re losing.

The last famous attempt at getting involved was on 06 January 2021. That legitimate event turned into a virtual Leftist campaign against conservatism resulting in dozens of Americans trying to fulfill their Constitutional rights to petition government, being hunted down, forced to submit to Soviet style kangaroo courts, denied Habeous Corpus and due process and thrown into prison by Progressive judges and corrupt Dept of Justice lawyers. The Constitution is ignored because it stands in their way of achieving total rule. Their exposure started long ago because of Donald Trump, and while they thrash around attempting to prove their legitimacy, they expose more and more of their criminality. Recall those corrupt senior FBI agents identified in the Durham Report. Shouldn’t they have been indicted for violation of the law as well as their oaths of office? They lied to FISA court judges; they fabricated a case based upon a manufactured scheme of Hillary Clinton’s; as propaganda, they leaked malicious lies to the media to undermine Trump’s legitimacy both as a candidate and as the President, yet there have been no serious consequences for their treasonous corruption because they’re still in control.

The Senior FBI supervisors involved should have faced indictment for conspiring to save Hillary Clinton from her just deserts when it was clear she repeatedly broke the law by using her private email server in violation of National Defense laws protecting classified information. She destroyed evidence subpoenaed by Congress, and when it became apparent, she sat at the head of an organized crime syndicate, the official apparatus of federal protection enveloped her. We’ll never know how many classified documents the corrupt former Secretary of State Clinton stored on her illegal home server. Still, many of her emails ended up on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Remember that pervert? How did that happen? How could she erase over 32,000 subpoenaed evidentiary emails and get away with it? How does a state department official order her staff to smash phones and hard drives that were evidence of a crime and face no consequences? And why did the then-director of the FBI personally make the decision publicly to exonerate Hillary Clinton of her crimes when that decision was not his to make? These things happened a few short years ago, and while they are being ignored, they’ve not been forgotten. There is a reckoning coming!

Republican Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer has gathered enough evidence to reveal that the depth of corruption in the Biden family operation is worthy of immediate legal action, but it’s not forthcoming. The Biden crime family created layers of phony front companies through which money was passed to buy political influence. Even the Mafia must stand back in admiration. Joe Biden claims to know nothing of Hunter’s offshore business dealings, but the evidentiary audit trail proves otherwise. The evidence of Joe Biden’s involvement is so indisputable that even Joe’s brother James and other relatives involved as beneficiaries of the Biden influence-peddling scheme could face criminal charges.

Collecting evidence from witnesses is an uphill task even for qualified investigators, but the evidence of Hunters laptop is final if not fatal. When the dangers to Joe Biden became apparent, the FBI quickly swung into action to start the coverup. In doing so, they convinced fifty leaders from other Intelligence agencies to become liars by confirming the information on Hunter Biden’s laptop was a bogus scheme of Russian disinformation. Not all in the federal government are corrupt because FBI and IRS whistleblowers and other eyewitnesses of their agency’s corruption have surfaced. Hunter Biden’s laptop is the gift that keeps on giving. That pesky laptop keeps getting in the way. Honest IRS agents were on Hunter’s trail of corruption and tax evasion ready to go for indictments when the Justice Dept. ordered the IRS to stand down and disband their Hunter Biden investigative team. Hunters’ failure to register as an agent for a foreign government is another federal crime left unaddressed. Those serious offenses expired on 12 October 23 by the Statute of Limitations.

The Biden’s have enjoyed the same protections the FBI afforded the Clintons. How? By ignoring their crimes and attacking witnesses. The contrast between how the FBI went full bore in its efforts to ruin President Trump but ignore the Biden’s and Clinton’s until the statute of limitations ran its course, couldn’t be more precise. This scale of official lawlessness affects the American people negatively and should weigh heavily against continuing Trump’s indictments. But worse, it destroys Americans’ faith in our federal government and its institutions. Biden’s government is weak and ineffective, but it won’t be corrected until Obama’s Progressive political machine is destroyed. Now is the time to start dismantling it by the election process, but rest assured, they will fight tooth and nail to prevent it.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get involved.

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