By George Mcclellan

Jim Jordan just lost his third bid for the House Speaker job. As I recall, he never really wanted it anyway but, like a dutiful party member, rose to the occasion when called upon and he still won’t get it. I suspect he’s probably relieved wanting to get back to his committee chairmanship to continue the impeachment process of crooked Joe Biden before Joe invites Iranian rockets to fall on America in retaliation. Republicans don’t want to lead the Congress as we see, so the Conservatives desperately need to reevaluate their positions vis-a-vis the real Republican Party and its true relationship to the American Constitution. The grassroots know who the leader is or should be, it’s Donald Trump the only presidential challenger who understood the direction America was headed under the Marxist Democrats. We are in a period now of shifting positions, choosing the direction each wants to take and deciding to stick to it, the RiNo GOP or the Trump GOP. Those are the only choices left to save for the Marxists who eagerly await to take us there, at gunpoint if necessary.

Recently, Georgia Governor Kemp took the Georgia Republican Party label, added an “Inc” to the title, and made it an official corporation under Georgia laws distinctively different from the Georgia Republican Party, thus creating a shadow Republican Party. Well, one of them is! Georgia Republicans are now confused, wondering who is the official Republican Party and to which entity should their money, loyalty, and volunteer efforts be dedicated. Governor Kemp is a neo-conservative of the old party, the very one the disillusioned grassroots conservatives were losing their respect for because they didn’t fight back or raise challenges to the blithering nonsense of the Uniparty politicians, Democrats and Republicans alike. Consequently, they started gathering into their political groups like the Georgia Republican Assemblies and one or two others. Most attendees are, in fact, leftover activists from the old county TEA Party but young people are coming in too.

In the past decade, when the TEA Party became more noisy, more noticeable, and therefore more influential, supporting such silly ideas as a “Fair Tax” and other schemes hateful to Uniparty politicians, suddenly a National TEA Party emerged to take the reins of Conservative voices and then set about slowly strangling the movement until the elections passed and only the candidates of their choosing won local seats. The primary weakness of GOP grassroots hopefuls is that, like religion, they hope that some element of organized salvation would emerge to protect the Constitution. Nationally, one did in the form of Donald Trump. Still, locally, after falling in line with the party’s chosen candidate and feeling like they’ve done their duty, they go home, leaving us with the likes of Sec. of State Raffensberger and Governor Kemp, who refused even to investigate legitimate voter fraud claims Trump raised. All politics is local.

Local politics in Neo-Conservatives’ hands is as dangerous to conservatism as Joe Biden is with your children in a daycare center. They are the ones who have thrown sand into the gears of the state election process as well as for the ongoing issue of picking a Republican Speaker of the House. In Congress, the conservative side managed to get rid of Kevin McCarthy. It was his fault after all. He didn’t keep his word, obfuscated on the continuing resolution, lied about it, and presented himself as a target for the growing conservative crowd who fear America is becoming a Socialist State under the Democrats. Now, it is the other side, the Neo-Conservatives who refuse to install Jim Jordan because being an outspoken supporter of Donald Trump he represents a danger to their Uniparty gig. And therein lies the GOP’s problem, stay with the Old Bush Uniparty RINO cabal, or go with the dynamic foreword-thinking Donald Trump? It’s a true axiom after all. If the GOP can’t all agree on every point in any plan going forward, then they do nothing, abandon the plan, and go away. In a nutshell, that is our GOP, a floating party without leadership and incapable of exercising it even if they had it. Why was Pelosi successful as Speaker even when nearly everybody hated her? Because she was ruthless and set an example by not being afraid to drink her gin from the skulls of her enemies. No Democrat, all socialists, ever vote against leadership because of matters of consciousness. Republicans always do. Some members of the Congressional GOP refuse to install another RINO The others refuse to install a Trump supporter. The standoff is proof enough that the GOP’s leadership issue remains unresolved. But it too will pass, and one way or another, America will march bravely on either into Democrats’ utopia of tyrannical socialism or a return to Ronald Reagan’s vision of a shining city on the hill, a beacon to oppressed peoples everywhere who yearn for the freedoms America promised, not wallow in the free benefits they have come to expect and are given. Biden’s coming World War III may focus the light of truth on the issue. In any event, prepare yourselves.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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