School Teaching System

From: MG Paul Vallely -Chairman of the Stand Up America US Foundation

May 27, 2023

JINGDI Academy is missioned to lead the world’s trend toward restoring righteous traditional culture, elevating people’s morality and characters, and improving people’s conduct. If all schools can gradually adopt this philosophy, it will completely change mankind.

The Stand Up America US Foundation supports this all-new education system for American schools. What is being proposed is for all students and not just focused on oriental studies and students.  We encourage all education leaders to review this system and introduce it to State and County school administrators, private schools, and academies. Necessary leadership and funding are essential.

Established in the United States in 2022, JINGDI (could be translated as “CLEAN LAND” or “CLEAN EARTH”) Academy is a 501 C (3) non-profit, private school engaged in developing a ground-breaking all-new education system for students from 0- to 14-year-old (age for the 8th grade in the current education system). Graduates from this new education program will have the same qualification or even higher qualifications than today’s college graduates.

Today’s education focuses on modern science/evolution; it doesn’t teach traditional moral values or conduct codes. History is being distorted, and the value system is falsified. No teaching on respect of the divine, no mentioning of life skills, music, and fine arts are cast away due to the budget cut. A large amount of funding goes into a small percentage of disadvantaged students, while students with true talents are set aside…

The consequence? Our young generation is allured to toxic TikTok videos, violent computer games, alcohol, deadly drugs, and sex. With no clear motivation for life, many suffer from depression or other psychological problems… what is worse is that many of their professions are being challenged by the AIs.

Founded upon traditional cultural heritages bestowed by heaven, JINGDI Academy aims to provide a top-tier education that imparts conventional moral values. Students of JINGDI will be privileged to learn to build good characters, develop proper conduct, advance independent thinking, conquer essential life skills, and establish clear motivations critical to their lifetime success.

Focused on these fundamental tenets, the comprehensive, unprecedented curriculum of JINGDI combines the essence distilled from our 5000 years of human civilization in both EAST and WEST, provides a profound understanding of life, nature, humanity, and the cosmos, and inspires the students to develop their abilities to learn, think and create independently. One unique integral textbook at any given grade, without any division of subjects, offers integrated insights into all the creations by the CREATOR and their inner correlations.

Besides rigorous academic programs that build intellectual competence, the JINGDI curriculum also imparts practical life skills, traditional physical training, and classical arts and culture. As early as 0 years old, students will receive systematic prenatal education. Starting from preschool years, students will be trained to develop six talents once highly revered among royalties in the East and West: Music, Paintings, Martial arts and Dances, Poems, Chess, Calligraphy, Archery, and Equestrian. At the core of the entire education program is the emphasis on building moral-ethical virtues.

JINGDI aims at preparing ethical, competent, active, and responsible leaders with distinctive capabilities that cannot be replaceable by the rapid-growing AIs. All the professionals working on JINGDI are volunteering their time, talents, and efforts. This is a grand, urgent mission with paramount significance benefiting humanity and future generations. All teaching will be conducted in both Chinese and English.

JINGDI Academy (www.JingDi-edu.org) urgently needs funding to build schools in the United States. All donations to JINGDI Academy are tax-deductible. The textbooks are being written as we speak, scheduled to be issued by the end of this year.

Here is the website of the school (under construction, English to be added):


Here are examples of hundreds of videos already produced to assist teaching programs:

The Emperor’s New Clothes


The Little Match Girl


All the teaching videos of JINGDI reside in a new video streaming platform GanJing.com (Ganging means CLEAN), a brand-new platform without criminal, drug, sex, and violent content. Most of the programs of JINGDI are now in Chinese; soon, English content will catch up.


Contact: MG Vallely directly with questions or letters of support.

Email: suaus1961@gmail.com; 406 405 0216