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Monday, May 22, 2023

As I write these words, I am wiping away tears from my eyes…literally. With each passing day, I see my government enacting laws and regulations that do not benefit the people but harm them. I see wasteful spending of money we do not have on projects and programs that do not improve the quality of life for Americans. Most among these is the preoccupation with the farce called climate change. I see chaos and crisis at our Southern Border, where over six million illegal aliens have invaded our nation along with terrorists, criminals, and the deadly fentanyl manufactured in China that have claimed the lives of over 100,000 Americans. I see taxpayer dollars…my money…your money… being given to illegal aliens and countries that hate us. Money that might be better deployed to help the hundreds of thousands of homeless Americans, the poor, and the able downtrodden. I watch with horror as actions are taken that are, in fact, injurious to the very pillars of liberties we hold dear: freedom of religion, freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, and to assemble with our families and friends. I tremble when I learn our President, who acts like a dictator, considers sending billions of dollars to Iran, the leading sponsor of terrorism in the world, hoping that this rogue nation will come and make commitments they have no intention of keeping. I see the winds of war gripping Ukraine as they battle the Russian military, who, for no other reason than to conquer, invaded that sovereign nation destroying cities and murdering civilians. I watch China flexes its military muscles in the South China Sea, threatening Taiwan while sending spy balloons across the United States while our feckless President does nothing. And I wonder if those we elected to represent us are up to governing and leading our nation. I think to myself…is this man who supposedly garnered 80 million votes campaigning from his basement to become President our President or are we witnessing the third term of Barack Hussein Obama making all the decisions. Susan Rice and Valerie Jarret pulling the strings on a puppet Joe Biden who struggles with every sentence he tries to speak? Finally, I am shocked and appalled that in two short years, the actions of our President have so damaged our nation and economy while strengthening those of our adversaries, then dare to blame President Trump for his shortfalls and administrative nightmares. There is a Latin term for this. The word is reprehender…to blame others for one’s shortcomings.

Sadly, I have concluded that our President is compromised. Lies and deceit have marked his entire life, and his family (and he) have gotten rich by selling influence to foreign powers like China, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, and others. There is no other explanation for the ludicrous policies he has enacted. Documented evidence recently published has identified that over $30 million has flowed to the Biden family via multiple LLC corporations set up for this purpose. Still, the mainstream media refuses to give credence to this and publish it like they ignored the Hunter Biden laptop story.

A little bit of history:

Consider these two quotations:

The first is Albert Einstein, who wrote, “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them “.

The second is from Edmund Burke, who wrote, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to stand by and do nothing.”

Their thoughts and words were prescient. I fear we are watching America’s slow, painful destruction, principles and ideas sacrificed on the altar of Marxism and tyranny. And, because we are good and decent people, we refuse to believe it, much less do anything about it. It is still not too late, but time is not on our side.

In 1887 Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the University of Edinburgh, had this to say about the fall of the Athenian Republic some 2,400 years prior:

“A democracy is always temporary; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist until voters discover they can vote for generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse over loose fiscal policy, (which is) always followed by a dictatorship. “The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history has been about 250 years. During those 250 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:

From bondage to spiritual faith; 1776 – 1830s

From spiritual faith to great courage; 1830s – 1915

From Courage to Liberty; 1917 – 1945

From Liberty to Abundance; 1945 – 1965

From abundance to complacency; 1965 – 2000

From complacency to apathy; 2000 – 2020

From apathy to dependence, 2020 … 46% of Americans are already here, growing since 1964.

From dependence into bondage. 2023

My tears begin to flow as I ponder the unthinkable…The obituary of my country:

The United States of America—Born 1776, Died 2023 at age 247, succumbing to wounds inflicted on itself over fifty years.

I pray for the sake of my grandchildren that this doesn’t happen, but I know that We, The People, are the only ones who can right this ship.

It also doesn’t hurt to read what follows several times:

Professor Joseph Olson of Hamline University School of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota, points out some interesting facts concerning the Presidential election of Barack Hussein Obama versus Mitt Romney in 2012:

Number of States won by: Obama: 19 Romney: 29

Square miles of land won by: Obama: 580,000 Romney: 2,427,000

The population of counties won by: Obama: 127 million Romney: 143 million

Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by: Obama 13.2 Romney 2.1

Professor Olson adds: “In aggregate, the map of the territory Romney won was mostly the land owned by the taxpaying citizens of the country”.

Obama’s territory mainly encompassed those citizens living in low-income tenements and living off various forms of government welfare, except the Hollywood elites and those living in luxurious style on either coast.”

Olson believes the United States is now somewhere between the “complacency and apathy” phase of Professor Tyler’s definition of democracy, with some 46% of the nation’s population already reaching the “governmental dependency “phase.

Suppose Congress ever grants amnesty and citizenship to thirty million people who have entered this country illegally (sometimes referred to as “undocumented immigrants” a/k/a illegals), and they are given the right to vote. In that case, we can say goodbye to the USA in less than five years.

And perhaps even more startling is this:

In 2005, at a Washington D.C. meeting dealing with the issues of illegal immigration attended by a standing-room-only crowd of politicians, businessmen, city planners, and college professors, a brilliant college professor [and farmer] by the name of Victor Davis Hanson talked about his book, Mexifornia, explaining how immigration – both legal and illegal – was destroying the entire state of California. He said it would soon march across the country until it destroyed all vestiges of The American Dream. Remember, this was nearly twenty years ago!

Moments later, former Colorado Governor Richard D. Lamm (1975-1987) stood up and gave a stunning speech on how to destroy America.

The audience sat spellbound as he described eight methods for destroying the United States. He said,

“If you believe that America is too smug, self-satisfied, or rich, then let’s destroy America. It is not that hard to do. No nation in history has survived the ravages of time. Arnold Toynbee observed that all great civilizations rise and fall and that ‘An autopsy of history would show that all great nations commit suicide.’

“Here is how they do it,” Lamm said:

“First, to destroy America, turn America into a bilingual or multi-lingual and bi-cultural country. History shows that no nation can survive the tension, conflict, and antagonism of two or more competing languages and cultures It is a blessing for an individual to be bilingual; however, it is a curse for a society to be bilingual. The historical scholar, Seymour Lipset, put it this way: ‘The histories of bilingual and bi-cultural societies that do not assimilate are histories of turmoil, tension, and tragedy.’ Canada, Belgium, Malaysia, and Lebanon all face crises of national existence in which minorities press for autonomy if not independence. Pakistan and Cyprus have divided. Nigeria suppressed an ethnic rebellion. France faces difficulties with Basques, Bretons, Corsicans, and Muslims.’

Lamm went on:

“Second, to destroy America, invent ‘multiculturalism’ and encourage immigrants to maintain their culture. Make it an article of belief that all cultures are equal; that there are no cultural differences. Make it an article of faith that the Black and Hispanic dropout rates are due solely to prejudice and discrimination by the majority. Every other explanation is out of bounds and considered racist.

“Third, we could make the United States a ‘Hispanic Quebec’ without much effort. The key is to celebrate diversity rather than unity. Benjamin Schwarz recently said in the Atlantic Monthly: ‘The apparent success of our own multi-ethnic and multicultural experiment might have been achieved not by tolerance but by hegemony. Without the dominance that once dictated ethnocentricity and what it meant to be an American, we are left with only tolerance and pluralism to hold us together.’


Lamm said,

“I would encourage all immigrants to keep their language and culture. I would replace the melting pot metaphor with the salad bowl metaphor. It is vital to ensure that we have various cultural subgroups living in America enforcing their differences rather than as Americans, emphasizing their similarities. It seems that Teddy Roosevelt had some opinions on this some 116 years ago. His words are appended to this essay!

“Fourth, I would make our fastest-growing demographic group the least educated. I would add a second underclass, un-assimilated, under-educated, and antagonistic to our population. I would have this second underclass have a 50% dropout rate from high school. and we are growing.

Fifth. to destroy America, get big foundations and businesses to give these efforts lots of money. I would invest in ethnic identity and establish the cult of ‘Victimology.’ I would get all minorities to think their lack of success was the majority’s fault. I would start a grievance industry blaming all minority failures on the bulk—Finger-pointing on steroids.

Sixth, it is crucial to emphasize dual citizenship and promote divided loyalties. I would celebrate diversity over unity. I would stress differences rather than similarities. Diverse people worldwide are mainly hating each other – that is, when they are not killing each other. A diverse, peaceful, or stable society is against most historical precepts. People undervalue the unity it takes to keep a nation together. Look at the ancient Greeks. The Greeks believed they belonged to the same race, possessed a common language and literature, and worshipped the same gods. All Greece took part in the Olympic games. A common enemy, Persia, threatened their liberty. Yet all these bonds were not strong enough to overcome two factors: local patriotism and geographical conditions that nurtured political divisions. Greece fell—the notion of ‘E. Pluribus Unum’ – “Out of many, one” was cast aside. In that historical reality, if we emphasize the ‘Pluribus’ instead of the ‘Unum,’ we will ‘Balkanize’ America as surely as Kosovo.”

“Seventh, I would place all subjects off limits. Make it taboo to talk about anything against the cult of ‘diversity.’ I would find a word like ‘heretic’ in the 16th century – that stopped discussion and paralyzed thinking—words like ‘racist’ or ‘xenophobe’ halt discussion and debate. Having made America a bilingual/bi-cultural country, having established multi-culturalism, and having large foundations fund the doctrine of ‘Victimology,’ I would next make it impossible to enforce our immigration laws. I would develop a mantra: That because immigration has been good for America, it must always be good. I would make every individual immigrant symmetric and ignore the cumulative impact of millions of them.”

In the last minute of his speech, Governor Lamm wiped his brow. Profound silence followed. Finally, he said,

“The Eighth and Last step, I would censor Victor Davis Hanson’s book Mexifornia. His book is dangerous. It exposes the plan to destroy America. Don’t read that book unless you feel America deserves to be destroyed.”

There was no applause. A chilling fear quietly rose like an ominous cloud above every attendee at the conference.

Every American in that room knew that everything Lamm enumerated was proceeding methodically, quietly, darkly, yet pervasively across the United States…remember…twenty years ago! Is this not happening today? Discussion is being suppressed. Over 100 languages are ripping the foundation of our educational system and national cohesiveness. Even barbaric cultures that practice female genital mutilation and trans-sexual gender surgeries on children are growing as we celebrate “diversity.” American jobs are vanishing into the Third World as corporations create a Third World in America – take note of California and other states; to date, 30 million illegal aliens and growing fast. It is reminiscent of George Orwell’s book, 1984. In that story, three slogans are engraved in the Ministry of Truth building: “War is peace,” “Freedom is slavery,” and “Ignorance is strength.”

Governor Lamm walked back to his seat. It dawned on everyone at the conference that our nation and the future of this great democracy are deeply in trouble and worsening fast. If we don’t get this immigration monster stopped, it will rage like wildfire and destroy everything in its path, especially The American Dream.

If you care for and love our country as I do, take the time to pass this on just as I did for you. NOTHING to counteract this is going to happen if you don’t! And if you decide not to share it, we will one day look upon this and think…. we did this to ourselves. We had it within our power to reverse course and take control of our destiny…and we stood by and did nothing.

Do not let this happen. Keep fighting. Keep the pressure on. We have far too much to lose to a group of elites who think they are better than the American people.

They are not.

We must defeat Democrats in the House and Senate and in the Presidential election of 2024. Democrats have become a catalyst for catastrophe and no longer represent the interests of hard-working middle-class Americans. And whatever your opinion about Donald Trump, consider this: Despite receiving no help from democrats, the media, and a corrupt FBI, CIA, and Intelligence Community, he built the single most excellent economy known to man. We became energy independent, a net oil and gas exporter never seen in America. Our dollar was strong; inflation was at less than 2%, our stock market reached all-time highs, and unemployment was at all-time lows. More importantly, he defeated ISIS, negotiated the Jerusalem Accords, and America was respected around the world. Putin would not dare to invade Ukraine, and China did not threaten Taiwan. And remember, Donald Trump worked for free! He donated his entire salary of $1.6 million to various charities! And we had peace through strength once again.

Yes, Trump is crass and tough-minded. What CEO of a significant business isn’t? He doesn’t speak in polished Ivy League terms. But he gets things done, and he makes good on his promises. Can you say the same about Joe Biden?

Theodore Roosevelt’s ideas on Immigrants and being an AMERICAN in 1907.

‘In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American and nothing but an American. There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag. We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language. And we have room for but one sole loyalty, which is loyalty to the American people.’

Theodore Roosevelt 1907

Every American citizen needs to read this!

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