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February 21, 2023

 Putin’s Speech – State of the Union 2.20.2023 (Translation)

At first impression, Putin sounded stable, secure, quiet, and strong, with no sign of fatigue. A well-structured speech addressing all topics a nation should be aware of. Very professional.

War in Ukraine, he insisted on their servicemen’s strength, professionalism, and determination on the battlefield, and people in the room paid great respect. He explained the geopolitical problem Ukraine poses to Russia despite a strong will diplomatic corps put together to solve this severe problem with the Minsk agreement that nobody respected… And it is a fact. He insisted on the villainy of those who did not respect their words and insisted that now there was a price to pay for all the ethnic and political cleansing that was proceeded. He raised the issue of structuring the defense of Russia with all means, a new nuke vector placed in activity, training five Million men to handle eventual tension, and clusters of startups focused on modern weaponry that would be financed heavily. He concluded, “Nobody can and will defeat Russia on the ground.”


He described then the Russian economy as very strong, with a banking system raising expectations; revenues increased from 11.5% to 14.5%, seed production with a record level hitting 150B tons, exportation at a higher level, a significant increase in m2 real estate construction (100M m2), Unemployment dropping by 1% from 4.7% to 3.7%. Declare significant investment by trillion of rubbles will be made in the n development of infrastructure (gas pipeline heading East, road, railway, telecom, supply chain optimization), reinforce the gratuity of heating gas for the population, schools, universities, and hospitals—the attribution of trillion funds for technologies.


He insisted heavily on reinforcing the level of education, re-establishing the prestige of professors, and insisting students need the best of breed, motivated by significant salary retribution. Structuring universities with different innovative programs to ensure high-quality education and diversification. Explaining cultures all around the world and languages was the critical point. He was asking to implement an organization helping the transition from universities and schools to the professional environment.


Increase of minimum wage, financial help no increased birth, specific program to rehab wounded soldiers during military operations helping families of killed soldiers, guarantying retirement and social insurance. Fight against corruption and, most of all, tax evasion with the off-shoring account. Proposing oligarchs living abroad who got spoiled of assets to return home and invest in Mother Russia… Etc. He insisted on a powerful financial program to help the reintegration of the different former regions of Ukraine that voted split on every level, cultural, educational, and so on. he stressed that they would be treated the way Crimea was.


The crowd comprised officials, high-ranking military/politicians, CEOs, athletes, and students, … very cosmopolitan. Ceremonial and very disciplined, quite surprisingly, VVP was interrupted when speaking of support to those who got bullied in Donbas for so many years. Crowd stood up and started heavy clapping for quite some time.


Why did Russia not propose merging with Belarus? (Belarus in Russian means White Russia), It was stressed that nine million people in the country in such a geopolitical environment would be challenging to survive. Culturally speaking, Belarus being Russian, it did not make sense to have such a weak entity without any real natural resources but “potatoes.” Most Belarussians have families in Russia. Therefore, merging was a clever idea.

Moreover, the political context in Belarus is stricter than in Russia. Therefore, Belarussian people would benefit from more flexibility. It was told that it was not up to Russia to decide whether that could happen, but more coming from Belarus to propose. With the last tension developing, head Lukashenko proposed the merging to Lavrov a few days ago. But obviously, Lukashenko might feel he has no choice.

The End