The Time is Now for Mass and Forced Resignations of the Elite Ruling Class


Paul E. Vallely, MG US Army (Ret)

February 13, 2022

A recent Epoch Times article dated February 2-8, by Jeffrey A. Tucker, “Now is the Time for Mass Resignation from within the Ruling Class” clearly outlines why the elitist political leaders need to be replaced. The current Freedom Convoy movement for freedom clearly reflects the failures of these global elitists and their overreaching of authority and demands on the respective countries and populations. People across the globe have been awakened by the demands of masking, forced, and mandated vaccines and boosters. It is reminiscent of the movie, Network, in 1976 by Sidney Lumet and starring Peter Finch as newsman Howard Beale screaming, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore”. It crystalized the anger and powerlessness felt by the individual who has no recourse, option or plan It was anger without a clear target – just general anger at the disappointing state of modern life. Different today in some respects as there is a clear target and that is the disappointing leadership of political leaders worldwide that could be puppets of a global shadow government. The quote is one of the most well-known quotes in film history and it was a “Call to Action.”

What does it take to build and construct a tyranny? Well, read for instruction and a guide, Book Five of Aristotle’s, Politics or George Orwell’s 1984. How does a country build a mighty system combining the powers of government at all levels, commerce, education, communication police, military? The perfect formula for power and money to rule on a global platform. Remember, unchecked power does not bring out the best in people. It is becoming apparent that the efforts of these elitists will turn into a big flop as the “Awakening” of downtrodden populations has begun. Awakening is the act of starting to understand something, usually something major, that leads to a new and better understanding of events. In 1776 Americans awoke to the fact that to stay free and prosper they must separate their fortunes from England.

In the 21st Century America slept as Marxism (disguised as Progressive Socialism), Globalism, the rise of unaccountable ruling elites, and an ascendant Communist China was dismantling our great country not by direct warfare, but from within. From the time our Constitution was framed Americans argued intensely, but honestly. It was one of our strengths. Quite often, widely differing groups would come to better solutions than either had advocated. [No, it did not always work. There was a Civil War that almost destroyed us.] We were multiethnic but of a common culture. Our own unique culture. The motto E Pluribus Unum, “One out of Many,” first proposed by the First Continental Congress in 1782, summed it up perfectly.

There were countless benefits: equality under the law, freedom of religion, strong families, a striving for exceptionalism, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. We were safe. We were prosperous. Life was good. We were living “The American Dream,” and the entire world knew it.

Unfortunately, we had powerful enemies who knew our strengths and weaknesses. Mostly forgotten now is the Cold War (1945-1990), a time when two generations lived in fear, a time of fallout shelters, hoarding food, and Doctor Strangelove.

Some military leaders (e.g., Patton and MacArthur), seeing Communism as the enemy and deeming America more powerful, wanted to end the threat. That was something that America’s public and political leadership would not accept. Neither side wanted to start a war that might go nuclear. Geopolitical policy became MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction. It sounded mad indeed, but it worked for a time.

It worked only because we had seasoned leadership and a bi-polar world. Both sides knew the Russians would never risk their steady gains by overstepping. Proxy wars were tolerated, but both sides worked to avoid direct confrontation and restrain allies. With a few exceptions (USS Pueblo, U2, etc.)  both kept an unwritten agreement to not kill spies or interfere with mutual surveillance.

During the Korean War, especially after China escalated, both sides pretended the UN could prevent or end conflicts. It never has, of course, so, after Cuba, a Red Telephone hotline was added between the White House and the Kremlin to avoid mistakes.

Eisenhower was a seasoned, trusted wartime leader, but even he warned us strongly of a dangerous “Military-Industrial Complex.” People around the world were terrified. What would happen when ambitious, inexperienced politicians inevitably took over? One mistake could turn the world into a cinder.

And so it is that our enemies, foreign and domestic, now work to destroy America by exploiting our freedom and tolerance, by dividing us into polarized groups. They have worked at this not for years, but for decades. Even China, now our greatest foreign threat, meticulously avoids nuclear threats. It is winning by a mix of biowarfare and 4th Generation Mind War, with the bioweapons funded by US taxpayers.

When the masks went on for Covid, they came off for the planned destruction of America. Now, after a fraudulent 2020 election, we get to choose between Freedom and Tyranny. Some in power, including Democrats, Fake News, Big Tech, Big Pharma, the Washington Swamp, unaccountable bureaucracies, the FBI, and the CIA may prefer Tyranny. Total control may keep them in power.

Minor changes can have a massive impact. Most think the Department of Education has been around forever. No. The story of DOE started in 1867 under Andrew Johnson, but only to collect statistics on Education. These were excellent, until 1979 when Jimmy Carter made a federal takeover of education. The Department of Education is now a cabinet position, and our schools are failing. Carter also set up the SES, the “Senior Executive Service,” which now prevents the majority of Swamp Bureaucrats from being fired.

Since then, K-12 education has slipped to where one can no longer find credible US government data. According to a Business Insider report in 2018, the U.S. ranked 38th in math scores and 24th in science, falling from top excellence, to not even being in the top twenty. Some states (e.g., Oregon) no longer require proficiency in math, reading, or science for High School graduation. Homeschooling and charter schools, fiercely resisted by bureaucrats and teachers’ unions, are in demand. Black people trapped in the inner cities are desperate for better schools and more Law Enforcement but are getting the reverse. Worse yet is that schools, including universities, have shifted from teaching “how to learn” to “what to learn,” which includes indoctrination about “Critical Race Theory” and revisionist history, like “The1619 Project.” Parents who dare object at school board meetings are now threatened with being targeted by the FBI as terrorists under The Patriot Act. Marxists, well-funded and now in power, say children belong to the State [Hillary’s “It takes a village to raise a child.”]. Parents are enraged.

Whatever happened to the limits on power? The individuals who built our system of government led to the most prosperous society in the history of the world. They knew that restricting government was the key to stable social order and a growing economy. At some point in the past century, the ruling class and elitists figured out what we call workarounds to government restrictions. The bureaucracy, as we used to call it, morphed into the “Deep State.”  What has been created is a toxic combination of big media, big tech, big government, global financial elitists, and designated puppets to conduct their “Global Reset.”

One extremely easy and most obvious corrective path to take is for the ruling class to admit error, repeal all mandates and allow for common freedom as outlined in our Constitution. As easy as that may seem, this solution hits a hard wall when faced with the arrogance of the elitists and certainly a reluctance to admit past errors. Just witness Joe Biden and Kamala admitting to any errors of judgment (the border, Afghanistan). Will never happen!

People in America and around the world are fed up with the phony politicians and are saying, “No More.” The obvious answer, of course, is mass resignations across the board in government, media, high-tech, and other senior military leaders. This needs to happen today. But it will not!

Americans have been the most privileged citizens on earth. Period! Regardless of whether one gained citizenship by birth or naturalization – if you are an American, you are one of the most, if not most, privileged people on the face of this earth. Yet that is not what we are told by our so-called “ruling class,” the self-anointed “elites” who call themselves progressive?

Patriotic Americans are beginning to say, “enough is enough.”  We wrote America’s End Game for the 21st Century: A blueprint for Saving Our Country to provide a game plan for patriotic Americans who reject the Marxist agenda.  Our blueprint for saving America contains seven critical strategies for defeating leftist ideologues and restoring our country to the principles and values that made it great.  These strategies include:

  • Achieve an American spiritual revival
  • Preserve the Constitution and Bill of Rights
  • Reject historical revisionism and refute the big lies of the secular left
  • Preserve capitalism and reject socialism
  • Restore patriotism and love of country
  • Overcome specific domestic threats to America’s End Game
  • Overcome specific foreign threats to America’s End Game

Stand Up America US Foundation Newsletter 2 12 2022 by Ray Dilorenzo:


Is it possible that the struggle for freedom has begun in earnest and in of all places…Canada? Where is the Cradle of Liberty, the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave in this battle? Yes, Americans are waking up, but they had better finish their coffee. Our country is in peril.


The Left did an admirable job, aided by Hollywood and the media, in calling anti-communists, like Joe McCarthy and Ronald Reagan, nut jobs, conspiracy theorists. All while, in the 50s, well known celebrities who were called to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee, acted indignant at even the question of whether they were communists. And now decades later any talk of a communist infiltration in our schools, government, media, and the arts is still met with an incensed reaction as if…How could that be?


Well, it be!


Joe McCarthy was an imperfect clarion. His methods were crude, but Dwight Eisenhower was right. McCarthy should have used a rifle rather than a shotgun.


It is well-known that the Soviet Union under Stalin and leaders after him financially supported the communist movement in America. They saw the Civil Rights and Peace movements of the 60s as an opportunity for a PSYOP. In a massive operation, the Soviet Union created and funded various Peace and Anti-War movements both here and abroad. The aim was to create dissatisfaction, a sense that the American experiment in self-government was a failure. The PSYOP turned violent when the Weather Underground (WU) bombed the Capitol in 1971. A prominent member of the WU was Bill Ayers, ally, and confidant of Barack Obama. He said of the bombing, “I don’t regret setting bombs.” Ayers never served a day in prison, but he did become a college professor, molding young minds.


The infiltration has been well camouflaged…liberalism, progressivism, democratic socialism. In recent years they have come out of the closet. Go to a Democrat Convention, the socialists are everywhere. God even came dangerously close to being censored by them in 2012. In 2019, the Washington Times reported that the Democrat Party is ready to replace the worship of God with worship of the state. That same year the DNC passed a resolution criticizing religious liberty and praising the religiously unaffiliated. Nixon said of American communists…”If Americans knew what they really believed, the public would boil them in oil.”


Liberals are uncompromising about their ideology because it is their religion. God holds no place.


Get the kids and you own the future. And the liberals have millions of our kids. They come home from school silent, even brooding. No more Pledge of Allegiance, American flags, songs like America, the Beautiful, My Country Tis of Thee, or Bible reading…American pride gone.


It is important to note that because our country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, everyone is welcome. It was established at our founding that our rights come from God, not government. They cannot be taken away. It didn’t make it perfect, but in a fallen world for a flawed mankind it was as close as it will ever be.


After the fall of the Soviet Union, many Americans thought the struggle between Communism and our Democratic Republic was over. We won, that’s the end of it. Not even close. Communism had already been rooted and entrenched into every university, grade school, media network, Hollywood, and our government.


The Communist Party USA officially announced its alignment with the Democrat Party two years ago. The DNC did not take up socialism for the benefit of anyone. They did it for power and control. They bristle with jealousy at watching how China controls its people.


Democrats do not care about immigrants legal or otherwise. They do not care about Black folk or Brown folk. They do not care about the poor or the blue-collar worker. They do not care about the homeless or drug addicts, except that they want more of them. They want to show the world our system does not work and is in need of major upheaval.


And now here we are living in the ultimate battle, the result of decades of purposeful degradation of our cities, culture, morals, belief in God. It is as much a spiritual battle as a political one. It is no accident that it is only Democrat cities that are falling apart, hanging on to vaccine and mask mandates, using tyranny to force health decisions, garnering power for themselves, ignoring violent crimes, continuing the handouts to keep the helpless disenfranchised, giving out crack pipes, drug syringes. It is all to continue the decline of our society. They create the problems and then propose the solutions that only benefit them and their hold on power. They are the Communist Democrat Party.


It took Canada, with all its polite adherence to authority, to get fed up with it all… fed up with the deterioration of their liberty, having Leftist politicians dictate everything Canadians can and cannot do. We have said many times, it will be the people that will fix this, not politicians. The people of Canada are now leading the way. My God, I’m proud of them! Justin Trudeau?… Fidel Castro would be proud of his boy, but his days as dictator are numbered.


When the USA finally gets into the fight in earnest, watch out. We will win! God Bless Canada! God Bless the USA!


Beyond resignations, can we be assured that the elections of 2022 will provide us the leadership necessary to right the ship of America. Civil war may well be in its first phase now with the growing number of protests. If we do not course correct now, we may well see another bloody full blown civil war! Our children do not need to experience the bloodshed of a civil war.


We must unite and take back America.

Released by the Stand Up AMERICA US Foundation©