Some Call It War!

Ray DiLorenzo


To many on the inside, open warfare has begun, and what the enemy hopes for is a final assault on the one country and its people that is standing in the way of a new world order. Much of it is coming from China, and forces that have an interest in seeing America and Trump fall.

We are currently under siege by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)…a launching of bio-warfare agents over the walls much like in medieval history. The CCP has decided to catapult their diseased people over the thin walls of America and the West to spread plague to their enemies…the United States under Donald Trump, and their competitors for world domination, the Globalists of Europe and the Americas.

New York’s hard-hit virus eruption, and its high death rate is reminiscent of the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001, now double that of 9/11.

Whether the spread of COVID-19 was intentional or accidental is now academic. The CCP has allowed, and more than likely, instituted a campaign to spread the virus world-wide, especially in the United States. As reported in the NY times, since the virus outbreak, 430,000 people have traveled from China to the U.S. on direct flights, the bulk coming from Wuhan, China where it all began. It included 40,000 in the two months after President Trump imposed restrictions on such travel. The majority of the passengers arrived in January in New York/Newark, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, and Detroit.

A retired Air Force Brigadier General, Robert Spalding, called it “unrestricted warfare in full force.” This was a strategy crafted in the 1990s…”a series of unconventional warfare tactics designed to accomplish the goals of war without engaging in actual combat.” This is a war unlike anything we have ever experienced. Some call it hybrid warfare.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper is hoping a deal with the Taliban will bring the war in Afghanistan to a close so we can move move troops to the Asia-Pacific region. Secretary Esper has a grim vision of future relations between the United States and China.

In playing out this campaign, the regime has combined different elements of warfare—economic, trade, political, misinformation—to “create a convergence of challenges” for the United States and other Western democracies, Spalding said.

In developing its Marxist state, China has created a strange mixture of communism with weaponized capitalism…steal what you can and buy what you can’t, tell the truth to no one, and use the West’s open societies against them to further your own ambition. That aspiration is world domination…a global communist revolution.

The CCP wants President Trump gone. He has been a bane on their globalist plans of world military, economic, and cultural domination. Trump has stood up to China’s nefarious ways, building up our military, demanding fair trade, and has repeatedly called for a halt to the theft of intellectual property. China has seen the future with Trump and they will have none of it.

The Globalists, the Bretton Woods gang, are the financial royalty of Britain, Europe, and the Americas. Their power is money and their ability to make it, use it, and control it to their self-interest. In America, they have taken over much of the media, education, the corporations, the culture and the political system including a major political party. The normalization of sexual perversion in recent years and the watering down of Christian canon is no accident, but a planned extinction of our Judeo-Christian civilization. They have devastated cities, eroded the middle class, and our way of life. This is not a new concept. For thousands of years elites have always tried to further advance themselves and enslave their lower brethren. Much like China, they seek to rule.

Since the end of World War II they have planned and schemed, what Bush, Sr. proudly announced on, coincidentally, September 11, 1990, a New World Order. Whether Bush 41 was aware or not, it has morphed into a scheme for one-world government, a common currency, a cashless society, population control, open borders, and sustainability as a new religion. A cashless society would forever remove any pretense of privacy left in the world. The capacity to buy and sell, even the ability to live day to day would be overseen by a big brother from Hell. All for our benefit. The only difference between the CCP and the Western Globalists is where the capital of the new world government will be. Pick your poison.

The Globalists believe in joining China at the hip in a mutually beneficial business relationship to the point where any thought of a military confrontation between the powers would be unthinkable for business. The CCP has other plans. President Trump was correct, outsourcing our vital manufacturing didn’t open up China, instead it has devastated our infrastructure and left us vulnerable to a hostile criminal regime.

It is worth noting that Dr. Fauci, who many call a swamp creature and a curious member of Trump’s coronavirus task force, said in 2017 that President Trump will have a surprise disease outbreak.

Exactly one month after Event 201 occurred, a closed-to-the-public pandemic exercise in New York City, the first COVID-19 patient surfaced on November 17, 2019 in Wuhan, China. Event 201 was hosted by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, the World Economic Forum, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

To those who believe in coincidences, it will mean nothing, however, the CCP and the Democrats both have an interest in seeing Trump and our economy fail regardless of the cost…people like the Globalist/Democrat Bill Gates, the creator/promoter of a bug-ridden computer operating system that didn’t get better until after he left the company. He may call COVID-19 a ‘nightmare scenario’, and make insane proposals like calling for stay-at-home orders to be indefinite, but there is still some question as to why we don’t shut down our economy for the influenza that kills 40,000 – 50,000 Americans each year.

President Donald Trump’s United States, unlike previous presidents, is an American renaissance, a nationalist movement, a return to traditional values where the United States remains the dominant force in the world, exporting freedom and human dignity wherever it is welcome. The requirements for international compatibility are fairness in trade, a mutual desire for like values, and a willingness to contribute its fair share. In a speech to the United Nations, President Trump said:

“The future does not belong to globalists.

The future belongs to patriots. The future belongs to sovereign and independent nations who protect their citizens, respect their neighbors, and honor the differences that make each country special and unique.” President Donald Trump to the United Nations, September, 2019

Europeans don’t quite see it that way. Most Europeans are decidedly liberal. They don’t contemplate any threat in having open borders, or observing their cultures in decline, if they see it at all. They have left their God, their churches, and abandoned their culture. At the same time, millions of migrant Muslims are making long-range plans for a takeover of the continent while the CCP is literally building inroads into their very interiors with China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Any observer can see a future conflict as to how the spoils between the two will be divided, if at all.

Europe sees Trump and his America First mantra as a threat to their status as a loving grandparent, worthy of defending and being taken care of while giving back little. What they don’t understand is that a strong America is in their best interest. Instead, they go to countries like China and Russia as chickens dealing with foxes, thinking they will get a better deal. Russia’s part is sitting back hoping China and the United States will destroy each other.

The Left, instead of being committed to solving problems and recognizing where this plague came from, are embedded in anti-Trump, tired anti-racist propaganda, political stratagem and intrigue. Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence seems to have no interest in learning the role of the CCP in deliberately deceiving the world about the coronavirus. Pelosi’s comments blaming Trump for the regrettable loss of life is not only unhelpful, it is incredibly irresponsible. President Trump’s China travel ban that reduced Chinese travel by 90%, was bitterly opposed by 31 top Democrats, even though it probably saved countless American lives. I can’t imagine any clear-thinking person still opposed to a tightened immigration system and a border wall at this point. And yet the Left remains unmoved.

The Chinese are now actually citing U.S. journalists and Democrat’s coronavirus rhetoric as part of their propaganda. It is no small thing to say that the Democrat’s are committed to getting rid of Trump before he exposes their crimes. For the time being, the Left still thinks the CCP is an enemy of their enemy and are content to be partners in crime, or as Lenin would say…useful idiots.

With President Trump’s approval at an all-time high, and American’s view of China at an all-time low, we can be grateful America is standing up and resisting like never before. Whether this conflict remains a hybrid war or contorts into a shooting war, death will still be the constant.