Message from Col. Harry Riley


Our 11-11-11 Muster/Rally for freedom and liberty is just around the corner…the urgency of attendance has been stated many times over the last month or so.

As I approach the ž century mark, only the Lord knows what lies ahead, but humanly speaking, it may be my last trip to Washington, D.C. As many of you know my wife Mary is now an amputee, has made several trips to D.C. in support of freedom and liberty, but she cannot make anymore due to other medical conditions. However, it did not stop her from standing before our Church congregation on Sunday. Just yesterday, she stood and proclaimed the absolute threat Obama represents to our nation, lamenting the necessity of everyone to take a stand against socialism/communism, an ideology that has failed throughout the world.

You will see men and women on the Washington Mall on Veterans Day in wheelchairs, others with canes, limping, struggling along paths, weeping…men and women that have fought for the precious life of freedom and liberty. Men and women who have seen with their own eyes the devastation, death and pain evil regimes have brought to other lands…they know where Obama is taking America and it is hard to imagine a greater pain in the heart than witnessing America going down the same path so many have died to save in other places.

Please make a last ditch effort to assemble with us on 11-11-11 in Washington, D.C. muster/rally at the Washington Monument beginning at 0600 hours. Tell your friends, email your list, post on blogs you belong too, use every means possible to reach every patriot.

Yours in freedom, forever. May God bless every effort to save our nation.

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret

Crestview, FL


Col. Riley will be speaking in D.C. 11.11.11

MG Paul Vallely will be speaking in Montana 11.11.11

Col. James Harding will be speaking in Tennessee 11.11.11


11.11.11 – D.C. and Beyond

We are hoping for a great turnout at the Washington Memorial in D.C. on 11.11.11 – as well as good turnouts at city and state capitols across the country, for those who are not able to make it to D.C.

No matter where you rally on 11.11.11, please remember to represent our organizations and our Call-to-Action in a peaceful, professional manner, sticking to the Code of Conduct issued by Patriots Union and Veteran Defenders.

Look out for each other, self police, and leave the area in better condition than you find it. As leftist “occupiers” make fools of themselves across the country, make certain that we represent the very best of Americans.

After 11.11.11 – we will be issuing additional Calls for specific tangible actions to be taken by all members, some of them in your local areas and some on a national level.

The Veterans Day Rally is just the beginning. It is not the end… From this day forward, we will no longer stand silently by and let even one more infringement upon freedom and liberty stand without opposition, and we mean boots on the ground.

Stay tuned and travel safe!


We still need volunteers!

We still need volunteers for the 11.11.11 event in D.C. – and we will need even more volunteers after the event. Upon returning home, we will begin to seat vetted state leaders for both Patriots Union and Veteran Defenders.

If you are willing to help in D.C. or lead in your area after 11.11.11 – please contact Linda Garcia directly. Linda will be helping to coordinate the D.C. Event on the ground, and will be working with state leaders after the event.

Thank you!