T2SDA is coming – Is Obama Planning to shut it down?

UPDATE – 6:45 PM Eastern – SUA has tried all day to get confirmation or denial of the possible steps the administration may take in regard to a possible shutdown of the DC Beltway without success. We called numerous agencies at the federal, state and local levels with little to report. However the question Red State and others asked has still not been answered but the “truckers” involved tell us it is not so, they do not think there is any truth to the use of National Guardsman to close I-495 tomorrow.

Editor’s Note – Stand Up America, like a great deal of other Americans, we want to know if there are actual legal grounds for shutting down federal property because of a so-called government shutdown. Well truckers certainly want to shutdown Washington, D.C. starting tomorrow and flowing through Saturday and Sunday. They also want certain politicians and administrators arrested. See their web site here, and also their Facebook page here.

When there are open air facilities like the WWII Memorial and the Vietnam Veterans Wall that require little to no expense to be allowed to remain open, and therefore costs more to close them, how are these acts part of the federal budget shutdown? The shutdown is the stoppage of the expenditure of funds, but the Obama Administration is actually increasing the cost.

They even coned off the highway so no one could stop to view Mt. Rushmore.
They even coned off the highway so no one could stop to view Mt. Rushmore.

We have seen the Obama Administration try to shut down even non-federal properties (Barrycades) like Mt. Vernon to make their political points but can they legally shutdown something like an interstate highway to thwart a demonstration by law-abiding citizens who intend to use the freeway in a lawful manner? Heck, they even coned off the roadway to prevent drivers from stopping to view Mt. Rushmore.

If that is the case, why are any interstate highways allowed to remain open? This is the most twisted form of logic, something that is clearly a political statement, a threat, an attempt to do harm to the people by its own government.

The people own the federal properties, not the person in charge of administering them. A shutdown means they stop administering, not using them as political cudgels. Now we have the makings of a real mess as truckers across the land converge on Washington, D.C. to make a political statement which is the purview solely of the people, not the people they hire to run the government who maybe planning to shut it down entirely and administer the shutdown with National Guardsmen.

The “Truckers to Shut Down America” (T2SDA) is clearly an example of the people redressing grievances to the government, but Obama is reportedly set to shut them down from using an open interstate freeway. The shutdown is the excuse, but if they said it was for public safety we could understand, but neither is a reason to stop a demonstration comprised of drivers using a freeway legally.

State officials are gearing up as well; this should be very interesting and possibly the largest demonstration of complete dissatisfaction with those who are running the government ever. The White House may actually be making things worse, possibly fomenting confrontations. Is this the type of leadership Americans call tyranny, clearly it is on display once again?

Patriotic Americans want to shutdown the tyranny, but it may be the government itself shutting down the highway instead. They really did not like the bikers converging on DC, but they opened a park for a demonstration by illegal aliens?

Obama DOT Plans use of National Guard to close I-495 Capital Beltway tomorrow?

By: Glenn Ryt – Red State

Sources within the Department of Transportation have revealed that their plan to use National Guard resources to close federally funded Interstate Route 495, circling the nation’s capital, have been approved by unknown White House officials and will be implemented on Friday morning, October 11, in order to thwart the three day Trucker slowdown announced on the Capitol Beltway starting that date, using the federal government shutdown as justification.

The National Guard resources to be used to thwart the truckers will include rifle toting National Guardsmen called up from units that will be coming in from Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia.  They will use Guardsmen on foot and using trucks, jeeps and armored vehicles, which will be stationed at all entrance ramps to the Beltway to block incoming traffic starting early Friday morning.


Calls to both the White House and the Department of Transportation to confirm this story were not answered at press time.  Unless an announcement is made in advance, it appears the first notice of this new White House plan to punish House GOP members who have cited their Constitutional authority to approve – or not approve – all spending proposed by the White House and their Democratic allies in the Senate, will be early Friday morning.

Our DOT sources point to their Department’s website as justification for the paucity of information and our inability to confirm this story in advance, where they state, “during the government shutdown, some online content may not be updated on a regular basis…”

These sources at the Department of Transportation have advised off the record that the DOT proposal included the confident belief that the Capitol Beltway shutdown will successfully achieve the twin goals of thrwarting the trucker protest scheduled for a three day period starting on Friday, as well as deal another punishing blow to what they call “the crazy wing of the GOP” which refuses to capitulate to their demands to approve a budget that includes Obamacare funding.

Protesting “the corruption that is destroying America,” the “Truckers Ride for the Constitution” aims to tie up two of the three lanes of Interstate 495 circling the nation’s capital, with big rigs traveling no faster than the legal limit in two of the three lanes, an organizer told U.S. News & World Report.  Fox TV news reported that they expect 10,000 or more truckers to continuously circle the beltway for the three day weekend, effectively shutting it down except for the third, passing lane they will allow for emergency vehicles.

The truckers hoped to enlist sympathetic motorists and will allow them to pass their slowed trucks if they display a sign on their car with the letters T2SDA which means “Truckers to Shut Down America,” their original name.  Other sources connected to the truckers state that they will do nothing illegal, but had planned only to drive at the minimum legal speed limit, which would in fact tie up traffic around the busy interstate.

“Since Interstate 495 is clearly a federal roadway,” report our DOT sources, and “the federal government is now closed because of the crazy House of Representatives Republicans, it is within the purview of the federal government to add it to the list of government properties that are closed and may not be used by citizens.”

While the planned 495 roadway shutdown by National Guardsmen this Friday is presently planned to coincide with the three day truckers protest, another DOT proposal suggests that the White House has the authority to extend the highway shutdown past the proposed three day closure, and to other federally funded Interstate Highways, such as I-95 and I-66 in Northern Virginia.

Officials of the Freedom Leadership Conference, a gathering of conservatives in Northern Virginia, announced that they will schedule a speaker to lead a protest if these plans are carried through on Friday morning, at their scheduled function on Thursday, October 17 at the Fairfax, Marriott at Fair Oaks Shopping Mall at 7 PM.

The Conference this month is sponsored by the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy, whose President, Michael Thompson, will be the keynote speaker to address the Institute’s proposals for tax reform in Virginia to boost business and bring 80,000 new jobs to the Commonwealth.  An example of a tax that inhibits the growth of business is the very unpopular “gross receipts tax” which Thompson will propose abolishing.

Capital_Beltway_Map_Color.svgThe second principal speaker at the conference one week from today is Michael O’Neill, the assistant general counsel of Mark Levin’s Landmark Legal Foundation, who will address Levin’s proposed “Liberty Amendments” detailed in the new bestselling book by the same name.

The Thursday evening, October 17 event is being billed as a “Conservative Change Conference.”

Ironically, the purpose of the Liberty Amendments to the Constitution is to constrain growing federal government power at the expense of the authority of the states and the freedom of the citizens, not the intent of the founding fathers, say supporters of the proposal.  In that sense, the “change” the conference organizers speak of is actually a simple return to the original intent of America’s founding fathers.

Freedom Leadership Conference officials now state they will add a third speaker on the subject of what they call the President’s unauthorized power grabs during the supposed government “shutdown” during which nearly 85% of the federal government remains open and functioning, despite closing of the open air Monuments in Washington, DC, and other open air government grounds such as Gettysburg battlefield and historic Valley Forge, PA and other locations.

The Freedom Leadership Conference functions have been reserved for members only since they changed to a monthly function in late 2012, having started as an annual function fourteen years ago.  Sponsored by a different conservative organization each month, there have now been over 60 sponsor organizations in the past 14 years.  Admission now is open to anyone interested, although only those who advance register will be admitted.  Those interested in attending the free October 17 conference may reserve their tickets to the conference, which begins with a coffee, tea and dessert social at 7 PM, via the internet, HERE.

Previous stories about plans for the October 17 conference are headlined Mike O’Neill to speak on “The Liberty Amendments” Proposal of Mark Levin at October 17 Conference and the earlier article, Conservative Change Conference set for October 17, 2013: Michael Thompson to speak at Freedom Leadership Conference on new tax proposal for Virginia.

The Wednesday, November 13 Freedom Leadership Conference will be sponsored by Uniformed Services League, featuring a “Salute to Our Servicemen” (SOS) rally with keynote speaker, U.S. Congressman Scott Perry (R-PA), who is also a Colonel in the U.S. Army National Guard who has already served in Iraq.   The November conference will also be an “open” conference (new attendees welcome) and also at the Fairfax Marriott at Fair Oaks Mall.



Here is their the press release:


Blocking Legislation – Who is blocking?

Editor’s Note – Today is the same as always when it comes to bills and the Senate, just bundle earmarks, cuts, bailouts and more and see if the bill will pass. America is out of money once again and disaster aid is promised due to a hurricane. Well, there is a main aisle in the Congress and divided caucuses that prevent legitimate government business from advancing. But who is actually doing the blocking. The President calls for action, and sets up the House as the straw man to blame when no one will accept his ideas. Once again, compromise for the good of America means meeting at a point that actually helps Americans, not a re-election campaign, or a leftist agenda. Do not be fooled, its a two-way street, yet both lanes are not equal in size or reported fairly by the media.

Senate blocks House disaster aid bill

By Alan Fram, Associated Press/Yahoo News

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Democratic-led Senate blocked a House bill Friday that would provide disaster aid and keep government agencies open, escalating the parties’ latest showdown over spending and highlighting the raw partisan rift that has festered all year.

Harry Reid, Majority Leader of Democratic-led Senate

In a tit-for-tat battle, the Senate used a near party-line vote of 59-36 to derail the measure passed earlier by the Republican-run House. That bill would fund federal agencies and provide $3.7 billion in disaster assistance, partly paying for that aid with cuts in two Energy Department loan programs that finance technological development.

With the support of 10 GOP senators, the Senate had voted last week to provide $6.9 billion in disaster aid and no cuts to help pay for it.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., offered a compromise Friday that would accept the House’s lower level of disaster spending but lacked the loan program cuts. Republicans refused to let the chamber approve it, but the Senate will consider it Monday, when Republicans seem likely to prevent Democrats from getting the 60 votes they would need to prevail.

The dispute pitted GOP objections that the disaster spending would worsen the government’s budget problems unless savings were included against Democratic complaints that cutting the energy loan programs would stifle the economy and cost jobs.

The fresh round of brinksmanship came with lawmakers facing two deadlines. The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s fund for disaster victims could run out of money early next week, even as claims from Hurricane Irene and other recent disasters continue to accumulate. And Congress has completed none of the 12 annual spending bills for the federal fiscal year that begins Oct. 1, meaning agencies would have to close their doors that day without fresh funding.

“We’ve agreed to their number on FEMA,” Reid said. “I mean, do they want the government to shut down? Do they want FEMA to close?”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said Democrats want to continue the Washington custom of financing emergency spending by adding to colossal federal deficits.

“If there’s any lesson we can draw from the debates we’ve been having here over the last six months, it’s that the American people won’t accept that excuse anymore,” McConnell said. “The whole, `that’s the way we’ve always done it’ argument is the reason we’ve got a $14 trillion dollar debt right now.”

Besides its emergency aid, the measure the House passed early Friday would temporarily prevent a federal shutdown by financing government agencies from the Oct. 1 start of the new fiscal year through Nov. 18. It was approved by a near party-line 219-203 vote.

White House spokesman Jay Carney faulted House Republicans for the deadlock, saying they had passed legislation knowing it would die in the Senate, just as they had during last month’s fight over extending the federal debt limit.

“The fever hasn’t broken — the behavior that we saw this summer that really repelled Americans continues,” Carney said.

Republicans blamed Democrats, saying the House-passed bill had enough money for the Federal Emergency Management Agency and that Democratic opposition to it was all about politics.

“The American people are sick and tired of political games,” said House Appropriations Committee Chairman Harold Rogers, R-Ky. “Shutting down the government and cutting off essential programs that our people rely on is bad enough, but leaving disaster-stricken families and communities in the lurch in their hour of greatest need is simply reprehensible.”

It was unclear how the standoff would be resolved. The House and Senate had both planned to take next week off, but neither seemed likely to risk accusations of ignoring the thousands of Americans victimized by natural calamities or of allowing the government to shut its doors.

House passage represented a reversal from an embarrassing setback the chamber dealt its Republican leaders on Wednesday. On that day, the House rejected a nearly identical measure, shot down by Democrats complaining its disaster aid was too stingy and conservative Republicans upset that its overall spending was too extravagant.

The bill the House approved Friday morning contained just one change — an additional $100 million in savings from cutting a second Energy Department loan program, this one aimed at sparking new energy technologies.

That is the same program that financed a $528 million federal loan to Solyndra Inc., the California solar panel maker that won praise from President Barack Obama but has since gone bankrupt and laid off its 1,100 workers. The Obama administration had praised Solyndra as a model for green energy companies, but now Congress is investigating the circumstances under which the government approved the loan.

The gridlock over the spending bill was the third time this year the two parties have clashed over legislation whose passage both sides considered crucial.

In April with just hours to spare, the two sides reached agreement on a bill that averted a federal shutdown and provided money for government agencies through September. Then this summer, they battled for weeks before finally approving legislation extending the government’s borrowing authority and narrowly preventing a historic federal default.

Against a backdrop of the 2012 presidential and congressional elections and angst over the country’s dismal job market, this year’s clashes have been intensified by the infusion of dozens of tea party Republicans who often show little inclination to compromise.

Wednesday’s defeat of the spending bill was only the most recent time they have made life difficult for House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio. And it underscored the challenges ahead this fall as Congress tackles efforts to fix the economy, create jobs and try to control the $14 trillion national debt.

Associated Press writer Laurie Kellman contributed to this report.