Biden, his party, and their allies will not escape the retribution Q predicted

–Crushed more than 50,000 well-paying jobs and offered them no options for alternate work except to mockingly suggest they can work as code writers and solar-panel makers, jobs that exist primarily in India, China, and other locations abroad.

–Opened the southern border for the easy and unlimited entry of criminals of all kinds, child-and-woman traffickers, diseased Chinese Flu-spreaders, murderers, rapists, child molesters, fentanyl traffickers, and American-job stealers.

–Restarted U.S. participation in wars in Syria and Yemen, began seeking war with Russia, began purging the U.S. military of all those who not share the anti-human doctrine of the Democratic Party, and began an intervention in the politics of Burma.

–Ended U.S. energy independence and started the process of plaguing working Americans with ever-higher energy prices, particularly at the gas pump.

–Converted the nation’s capital city into an armed camp, surrounding that cesspool with military forces, armored vehicles, tall fences, and razor wire. All this to protect the politicians in both parties and the civil service who are working to kill Americans and their republic.

–Rewarded the Chinese Communist Party for its policies of mass murder, fixing the U.S. 2020 election, and enslaving its people to ensure ever-growing wealth for Biden, his family, and the enormous number of Democrats and Republicans who have long been on Beijing’s payroll.

–Prepared a c.$2 trillion Chinese Virus relief package, only 9-percent of which will be delivered to out-of-work Americans. (Add 7 Mar 21: The bill also promises to cover 120-percent of loans belonging to “ranchers and farmers” as long they are not members of the white race.)

–Readied legislation that is meant to end the 1st and 2nd Amendments and to permanently change national voting so as to perpetually fix national elections in favor of the Democrats and China.

–Continued to refuse to tell Americans that Fauci and his gang of murderers knew from that start that hydroxychloroquine killed the Chinese Virus and, if widely used, would have prevented most deaths from the Chinese Virus. (Add 7 March 21: Biden and his Dachau-trained health advisers have scrapped Trump’s cuts in medicine prices, allowing them to soar. This policy aims particularly at the Democrats favorite kill’em all targets: children in need of EpiPens, and Blacks in need of insulin.)

–Rejoined the Paris Climate Accord – which is based on as much or more bad high-school science as the Chinese Virus – which is meant to destroy America’s working class and impoverish all Americans save those favored by the Democrats, George Soros, China, and Bill Gates.

The foregoing of course is not a complete list of the Biden’s gang war of extermination against loyal Americans. The war will continue at the remarkable pace maintained by the Biden administration during its first six weeks. Blips will occur, however. Before long they will have to force the demented, nearly brain-dead Biden out of office – using the 25th Amendment – or by simply murdering him, as they did Justice Scalia. Then they will have find an unconstitutional way to move the play-toy-of-so-many into Biden’s spot, as she is constitutionally disqualified to serve as president.

Through all of this, the Democrats will speedily press forward with their war of extermination against the citizenry by forcing the inoculation of all with a vaccine that, for being safe, is toting up rather large numbers of dead and maimed. Speed, after all, is their only hope because they know that Trump knows, and has incontrovertible evidence of, every heinous crime they have committed and reveled in, and will use it at a time of his choosing.

But how do they know Trump knows it all? Well, Q’s job was as much to inform the enemy of their coming annihilation as it was to teach patriots the truth and prepare them to resist and defeat the savagely anti-human foe depicted in that truth. The Democrats and their fellow usurpers, felons, pedophiles, traitors, and mass murderers are fully aware of the butchers’ bill they will have to pay, and have graven in their minds that they are the ones Q repeatedly identified as people “who would never again be able to safely walk the streets.”

The Democrats are not angry and feverishly obsessed with Q because he is a source of misinformation, a dangerous cult leader, or some other phenomenon contrived in their weak and fearful minds. They are angry, obsessed, and terrified with Q because they know he is the genuine and truthful harbinger of the criminal, treasonous, and anti-human revelations that will seal their well-merited and hopefully painful doom.

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