By George Mcclellan

Is there no end to the discussions of the fallout of the Trump vs Biden debate? It has focused our complete attention on the moment, and while Democrats appear to be in disarray, their panic signals the end of Biden’s presidency. Trump’s conservatives are confirmed in the truth of their MAGA mission, while Republicans appear confused as usual, disjointed as always, uncoordinated, and barely effective, but the RiNO rats have been leaving the ship. They must see the future and realize our return to the Constitutional Republic, if not inevitable, which is certainly dangerous. The perception of disaster for democrats hangs in the air, and the hurried meetings of Democrat donors and advisors are all concerned with the final decision: who will Democrats put forward in November, Joe Biden or Kamala Harris? Joe likes being president, but he doesn’t want to go. At least Jill doesn’t.

After Joe’s sad debate performance on the national stage, the chattering class engaged in wailing and gnashing teeth, rending garments, and screaming into the air, including most of the legacy media. Not accepting the damage Joe did to their agenda, they initially decided to circle the wagons to save Joe and his failing presidency. Then, the national polls came out, and it became clear that Joe had to go. The sad thing is they don’t know why he should be saved except for the looming presence of Donald Trump racing at them like a freight train through a tunnel. And while the finger-pointing continues, what is evident to even the most casual observer is that the world of US politics is spinning out of control. The first blow to Joe came when former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, still wielding some influence in the party, threw in her two cents worth suggesting Biden’s debate performance might have been “an incident or was it a condition?” At the same time, she accused Donald Trump of dementia before having her senior moment episode. Pelosi’s TDS can be forgiven as she was on the sauce, while Donald Trump doesn’t secretly imbibe in a dark closet under the stairs. But, Pelosi fired the first shot across the Democrat ship bow, Biden was out, and Kamala was in.

Concurrent with the debate fiasco, the Supreme Court rattled the Democrat cage further by revealing several of its life-changing decisions, including sweeping away the “Chevron Doctrine,” a 1984 ruling that said: “A court is required to uphold an agency’s interpretation of a statute as long as the interpretation is reasonable. In other words, the courts (then) must make a deference to the agencies. Agencies have no special competence in resolving statutory ambiguities. Courts do!” In other words, Democrats cannot create their own Marxist top-down state control through federal bureaucracies manned by their own Marxist ‘experts.’ The court reasoned that courts must exercise independent judgment in deciding whether an agency has acted within its statutory authority. In the case of ambiguity, courts may not defer to an agency’s interpretation of the law. The Supreme Court concluded that giving agencies deference in resolving statutory ambiguities is “misguided and inconsistent with the Administrative Procedure Act (APA).”

Also, the Supremes rendered a decision that changed the judicial proceedings that Biden launched against Donald Trump, challenging Trump’s claim of presidential immunity. The Court recognized the immunity a chief executive, including Donald Trump, must have to conduct American business without fear of lawsuits. In other words, he must be free from politically weaponized charges for performing his official duty. That applies to Obama as well as Trump, but left unsaid was its application to a President suspected of treason, a prospect that could loom for Joe Biden.

If Democrats cannot defend the indefensible or create the illusion that Joe’s okay, then what’s left? It’s already started. Direct and personal attacks on Trump again, like Pelosi did claiming Trump had dementia. Speaking of Pelosi, she wields a big stick, and while she might see the potential for the California mafia to seize the presidency. They include Gavin Newsome, a Pelosi nephew by marriage, Adam Schiff, some other shirttail relative, and Kamala Harris, unrelated by blood but by venom, replacing the aging and incompetent East Coast slugs that put Biden in office. For Pelosi, it may become a family thing. Joe tried and failed, but none of his family members were elected politicians. Pelosi’s are. So, the mechanism to slide Joe out of office early may have already begun, but don’t bet on it. If Joe goes early, it’s Kamala Harris who will succeed him, not some ignorant white dude from a failed California. Just for laughs, keep an eye out for other California politicians as their names come up. After all, it could be a family gathering with Queen Pelosi on the family throne.

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, get involved.

Help save America.

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