Reality Prism: A Raven Novel by John D. Trudel, Paul Vallely Major General – US Army (ret)


Reality A Raven Thriller is a memoir, a predictive thriller, a recent history of events, a tour through 21st Century politics, and an Endgame . It overviews the ripping apart of our Constitutional Republic, highlights the “Awakening of America,” The Global Shadow Government, and how we must stand united. Despite a Revolution, a Civil War, a Great Depression, Two World Wars, and a Cold War with nukes, America has never faced the level of threat, chaos, propaganda, and fear we’ve suffered recently. The techniques used include those Hitler used to collapse the Weimer Republic into Nazi Germany (National Socialists), commit mass genocide, and almost take over the world. Reality Prism discusses what is happening to destroy our Western Civilization, who did it, and what We The People can do to prevent a new Dark Age. We use a mix of predictive fiction and non-fiction to get the message across. Chapters discuss the threats we face and are actionable. They suggest what we can and must do to regain our freedom, prosperity, and safety. TO TAKE AMERICA BACK …

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