By Scott W. Winchell

Netanyahu Speaks before the UN

In the UN, leaders of nations come to speak, some of whom should be arrested at the airport as they arrive (read: Ahmadinejad), but they speak here none-the-less. The UN gives all equal standing, or does it? The insanity that is the UN, where Hizbollah can control the Security Counsel, where once Iraq lead the fight on weapons proliferation, where once Libya was on the Human Rights committee, where Rwanda was ignored yet al-Qaeda led rebellions are welcomed, it is truly amazing anyone gives any credence to this body anymore, let alone American tax-payer dollars. Then, a voice of reason, from a region where reason is sorely lacking comes to the dais.

Today, that voice of reason was Benjamin Netanyahu, who took his turn and spoke before the world stage at the UN. Just one day after the truly insane Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gave his vile and predictable speech where the USA and the entire European Union walked out, as every other nation should have done as well.

There is no comparison because by now, it is so abundantly clear that the only peace makers in the Middle East are the Israelis. Next, we get to see what the PA under Mahmoud Abbas will do, and be recieved in its bid to run an end-around the peace process and gain statehood as granted by the UN. Insanity!

Despite the speech Mr. Obama gave as well, with his eloquent words of support for Israel, we regular, everyday Americans, are and always will be her truest and greatest ally, not in just words, but in deed. The only way to see the comparison, is to watch these speeches and compare on your own. We think you will agree, and if you do not, we suggest a rigorous course in reality, history, and critical thinking.

Please watch the excerpts from that speech below: