Editor’s Note -One Point Five Billion? Let’s repeat… $1.5 BILLION to the Muslim Brotherhood?

Let’s take a moment to ponder. We invested in unknowns in Libya who turned out to be allied with al-Qaeda, and we sent money, and blasted the heck out of Qaddafi.

We helped overturn our ally Mubarak in Egypt, creating a huge vacuum sure to be filled by the Muslim Brotherhood and sure to destabilize their relationship with Israel. But we will not help the Sunni majority in Syria.

Fears of aiding those freedom loving, secular leaning Syrians, because al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood corrupted the SNC, and were likely to have a big influence following al-Assad’s impending implosion, stop us from helping a real “liberation” movement.

This “liberation” movement of “freedom fighters” who openly decry any Islamic radicalism is not good? Yet, in Libya and Egypt it is…what?

Does Hillary Clinton and Obama know that the true “freedom fighters” in Syria want to establish a permanent peace with Israel, and openly declare it once they re-claim their nation?

Remember when James Clapper said the MB was secular? Does this administration have any clue at all? Where is the consistency and common sense, and worst of all, why is Israel always an after thought in these processes?

Help the Syrian freedom fighters? - No, no, no...that might help Israel...

Hillary Clinton greenlights $1.5 billion in aid to Egypt

By Vicky Nissen


According to the Washington Post, the Obama administration told Congress on Thursday it will waive democracy requirements for Egypt in order to release up to $1.5 billion in aid to Egypt.  This is despite concerns that the country is backsliding on commitments it made to democratic governance and rule of law. A senior State Department official said the decisions “reflect our overarching goal: to maintain our strategic partnership with an Egypt made stronger and more stable by a successful transition to democracy.”

Prior to this decision, according to Fox News,  Congress blocked the deal due to concerns about the anti-democracy movement that is now griping that country. However,  Secretary Hillary Clinton announced, afterwards, that she will issue a waiver to circumvent the will of Congress.  Clinton will certify that Egypt is meeting its obligations under its peace treaty with Israel and that means $1.5 billion of American tax dollars will soon start flowing to the Egyptian government and, yes, that means to the Muslim brotherhood. The quarrel between the military and the Brotherhood adds to the uncertainty surrounding Egypt’s efforts to establish a democracy after decades of authoritarian rule by Mubarak’s regime.

But, is Egypt transitioning to a democracy as we know it? Egypt’s Islamists have won a sizable majority on a 100-member panel tasked with drafting a new constitution, according to a list of names published by the country’s official news agency. The list reinforces fears by secular and liberal Egyptians that the Islamists dominating parliament will pack the panel with supporters and ignore concerns of other groups.

The new constitution will determine the balance of power between Egypt’s previously all-powerful president and parliament, and define the country’s future identity, including the role of religion and minority rights.

The ruling military and the Muslim Brotherhood have emerged as Egypt’s most powerful forces.The Brotherhood’s political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party, or FJP,  accused the generals of trying to “hinder” the transition to democratic rule.

Just how democratic and freedom-loving is the Muslim Brotherhood?

The Muslim Brotherhood, also called Muslim Brethren or The Society of the Muslim Brothers is an Islamic organization with a political approach to Islam.  It was founded in Egypt in 1928 by Hassan al-Banna . The Muslim Brotherhood opposes secular tendencies of Islamic nations and wants a return to the precepts of the Qur’an, and rejection of  all Western influences. The organization’s motto is as follows: “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

The Muslim Brotherhood will call for democracy and peace; however, their actions are different; they use violence as a means to an end.

War times investigator John Loftus says that al-Banna was a devout admirer of a young Austrian writer named Adolph Hitler. His letters to Hitler were so supportive that when Hitler came to power in the 1930s he had Nazi intelligence make contact with al-Banna to see if they could work together,” Loftus said.

Hitler had al-banna establish a spy network for Nazi Germany throughout Arabia and formed with the Nazi’s to fight the British and the Jews.

Later, both the Soviets and the United States used violent Arab fighters.  In 1979, when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, the Arab Nazis were unleashed.  Waves of people came pouring into Afghanistan to kill the Soviets; the Soviets were defeated and the United States left.  Osama bin Laden took control and his entire army of neo-Nazi theological cultists were left there alive in the field. This is the work of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Why is the American government, at a time when our economy is weak,  donating billions of tax dollars to support the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood who will use violence to achieve their ends?