Homegrown Terrorist Janissaries

By Dr. Robert Rail

Guest Article

July 11, 2021

 The historical background of “the child soldier” of ancient times is a tragic reflection on the growth of today’s terrorist spawn that is infecting our nation with only a few technological and logistical embellishments. We desperately need to understand the malignant, sociopolitical disease such as “Critical Race Theory” and others that is enveloping our nation.

There is a story I heard over and over when I was serving in the Balkans, Africa, and others areas of the Middle East. The story was the same everywhere I went and changed only with the places and the families devastated. They spoke of a time of their family’s loss, be it contemporary era or ancient; it was always in hushed, quiet voices with only the interruption of deep sighs of despair, that they remembered their family’s heartbreak. Little boys of six or more years of age were torn from their families after they had watched all their older brothers slaughtered and their sisters taken captive as slaves. There was never a choice, only death or submission to their new masters. This was the first blood stained step in the new path for these children who were to be called the “janissaries” (new soldiers for Islam).

These young boys were trained and hardened in a cauldron of shedding blood, memorizing Quran verses, participating in unspeakable carnage, and absolute, total surrender and submission to their “new and only family”. This practice may have started with the Ottoman Empire (1299 to post WWI) but it is still done to this very day, also by others who seek to destroy the family structure at its most vulnerable point, the child. This process spans their entire childhood, changing their innocence of youth into vicious hatred for anyone or anything that does not believe exactly what they are being conditioned to absorb.

They returned to their childhood birthplace many years later as “Viziers” (upper, ruling class members of their society). They became the most feared and dreaded members of their village because of the unlimited viciousness they relished displaying for the pleasure and endearment of their masters. Today, this blood stained thorn is taking root as a social/political infestation in our nation…

In centuries past, children were kidnapped, or sold for food by their starving parents in an attempt to save the rest of the family. Other children were given up under threat of their family being slaughtered. Today, our children and young adults are being recruited in our vulnerable submissive school systems, our politically manipulated military, infiltration of our prisons and pseudo humanitarian Muslim organizations. It is the first taqiyya jihad (struggle to deceive) against the kufer (unbeliever) that dictates the strategy of “deception and conversion”. The unchallenged, invasive internet has helped fund enormous mosques as one of the most powerful tools used in recruiting vulnerable individuals to take part in terrorist acts. As Turkey’s Erdogan has publicly proclaimed ‘the mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.’ ”

It is said that the mind of a child is like clay that can be easily molded. The passions and judgment of youth can be misdirected through deception, manipulation, or enticement. Gullible, unwary, and distressed individuals are being sought out to be converted into their new existence. They are promised malevolence, companionship and immortality.

We have noticed a growing number of foreign funded “Trojan horse” organizations surfacing in our nation. Innocuous names that exhibit an inoffensive public image conceal their true identity.  They continuously disseminate propaganda to portray a public image of good will and help for all. They manipulate and deceive the media, courts, and vote hungry officials. The automatic deflection cry of any valid criticism is racism, Islamophobia, or personal slander and threats to anyone who dare defy. There is sanctimonious justification of vicious acts upon any kufers (unbelievers). The verbal assault on their critics is a public relations tactic they have been taught to use to respond to any perspectives that are critical of the ‘jihad’ (struggle) or the Ummah (the Muslim world). It is used to justify the murder, torture, rape, and slavery they pseudo righteously impose on all kufers (unbelievers).

There are few willing to step forward to defy this radical component growing in our midst. The Ummah (Muslim world) shields their mosques and homes beneath a cloak of enabling silence and support. The Janissaries of the “New America” caliphate are patronized by the silent Ummah majority, and indoctrinated and conditioned by the select few steering them toward acts of martyrdom.

Our prison system has been infiltrated with recruitment centers with Muslim employees at all levels of our government acting on their behest. In our military, they are being trained in the best of military tactics, BUT when they are discharged from service they can return to their true allegiance to train others in what they have learned. This classified knowledge can aide in planning attacks on our most sensitive and vulnerable military installments.

What does the future hold if we continue to accept these subtle changes? Will our submissive and susceptible inaction result in actual, posted “no go” zones for kufers to avoid as the Muslim neighborhoods grow? Will the government collect the “jizya” – the tax paid by non-Muslims for the privilege of living in the midst of Muslim believers, and give it to the mosques in the form of social welfare? Will the terrorist invasion beneath the shroud of humanitarian migration continue unabashed? 

There will be a courageous few who will not be submissive and gullible and will commit to action in the face of this growing menace to our nation.  Unfortunately, that number will be held down due to those willing to withdraw their efforts and support in exchange for promised fortune and votes. Others will withdraw under intimidation and threat from the newly elected Muslim officials as their influence metastasizes. Only the few remaining will be willing to suffer ridicule as the victims of the taqiyya (deception).

 Sharia law (law of Islam) and communism, is incompatible with any form of democracy. They stand opposed to the rights stated in the constitution of our country.  Murder, mutilation, extortion, child rape, slavery, gender oppression and so many other horrendous offenses to our national conscience, are honored as their “necessary efforts”, and yet the criminals who are brought before our legal system cry out in hypocritical protest to demand the very rights they condemn our country for providing.

Always remember that “extremism will always parallel other compatible forms of extremism”


Dr. Robert R. Rail is recognized internationally as one of the foremost experts on terrorism recognition and violent behavior avoidance. He has taught his “understanding body language” techniques and methods to people from more than 60 countries. As a consultant to the United Nations in the Balkans and Iraq, Dr. Rail was responsible for designing curriculum and instructing elite police officers from 56 nations who have been deployed in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Jordan, Asia, and Africa. He was also named as a physical confrontation advisor and resource training provider to select personnel of NATO and OSCE (Organization for Security & Co-Operation in Europe). Dr. Rail was a resident instructor at the Specialized Advanced Training Unit of the High Institute of Baghdad Police College and was awarded a second doctorate degree for his exceptional abilities as an international instructor.


He has received numerous other awards for his work in the international community. Dr. Rail has an outstanding background of over a quarter of a century of both martial arts knowledge and “on the street” law enforcement experience. He is an internationally respected and acclaimed master instructor. Through all his classes, lectures, presentations and even casual contacts, he displays a constant flow of encouragement, enthusiasm, and instructional humor. Dr. Rail is a frequent contributor to television and radio programs, and periodicals. He conducts both training and consulting services for universities and corporations worldwide. He is the author of five books: The Unspoken Dialogue; Defense without Damage; Custodial Cuffing & Restraint; Reactive Handcuffing Tactics; and “Surviving the International War Zone”.

Dr. Rail can be reached for comment via kosovorrr@yahoo.com https://www.crcpress.com/Surviving-the-International-War-Zone-Security-Lessons-Learned-and-Stories/Rail/p/book/9781138374348

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