Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Colonel Andrew P O’Meara Jr., US Army (Ret)


by MG Paul Vallely, US Army (Ret)

March 2, 2023

We consider Affirmative Action to have failed. This belief sets us on a collision course with WOKE authorities, who control our government and society. How do we defend our position? Since affirmative action is unconstitutional, there should be no need to outlaw the practice. Such legislation would allow Congress to establish penalties for violating Constitutional Law that protects every race, color, and creed. Establishing mandatory prison sentences and forfeiture of tenure and endowments for each offense involving the imposition of affirmative action would discourage the Left from outrageous disregard for the constitutional order and the sovereignty of the people.

Shelby Steele makes a case for us in White Guilt: How Blacks and Whites destroyed the Promise of the Civil Rights Era. Steele argues that liberty and full equality require each citizen to acknowledge self-reliance. Each citizen competes and advances based on merit. Each free and equal citizen competes with obligations to sink or swim. Thus, freedom is not free. We must earn it.

Full equality also disenfranchises the race baiters and hustlers who have become wealthy, shaking down Whitey. If all are equal, the label of racist becomes an empty threat. And the race baiters are out of work.

Where did we go wrong? Slavery and segregation were based upon the assumption of the inferiority of blacks. Whites within the academic community had long supported the premise of black inferiority upon which segregation was built. The blacks’ inferiority required equal opportunities to advance that weren’t genuinely equal. Thus, the academic community was complicit in denying opportunity to the black community. This was true at all levels since their teaching concealed the reality.

The arrival of freedom through Civil Rights Legislation unmasked the prejudice of educators, who were mortified by their long history of racism.

As Yogi Berra opined, please take it when you come to a fork in the road. We had arrived at the fork in the road.

To mask their record of racial prejudice, Shelby Steele argues that the academic community offered to support black affirmative action based upon the assumption that blacks were indeed inferior and unable to compete as equals.

The Jesse Jackson of the black community bought into affirmative action and accepted the assumption of black inferiority, preserving Jessie Jackson’s cash cow of white guilt for denying blacks freedom. Thus the evil compromise was adopted to assume black inferiority over the objections of the leadership of the Civil Rights era.

The assumption of inequality was adopted by the academic community that divorced black students from the obligation to carry their weight as equals, thereby rejecting the obligation of self-reliance. It was an outcome that denied blacks full equality in return for a free ride with the unequal opportunity to advance without merit in the academic community. Thus, it has come to pass sixty years later. We have pilots who can’t fly planes safely, educators who cannot express the fundamental principles of the subjects they teach, and doctors unable to master the technical subjects that are the foundation of their profession.

It is a dangerous situation that promises to result in failures, representing the predictable results of rejecting merit; it has simultaneously resulted in the collapse of American exceptionalism.

CRT institutionalizes all the worst aspects of affirmative action while it demonizes whites as beneficiaries of white privilege. CRT will continue the decline of society by demonizing merit, and accelerating affirmative action, exacerbated by eliminating white competitors.

We are on the high road to catastrophic failure. We got there by denying merit, abandoning exceptionalism, and rewarding incompetence and ignorance. It is time we mend our ways or see the failure of the last best hope of man.

Confiscation of endowments should be a priority to pay for damages inflicted upon society by insurrections planned and launched by academe that have violated public safety and inflicted grievous harm upon property, private businesses, and the people. Confiscation of endowments and forfeiture of tenure would simultaneously disempower tyrannical academic oligarchs of the academic community. (The professoriate has carried out the fundamental transformation of America into a socialist police state in collusion with the Obama/Biden regime in an autocratic demonstration of raw power in complete disregard for the Law of the Land.)

The Law should include penalties for advocating the overthrow of the government, indoctrination of students using Marxist-Leninist (CRT) instruction, and violation of academic freedom to subvert the constitutional order. Thereby imposing stiff penalties for teaching communism, as well as for imposing mandatory affirmative action.

Such legislation is needed at the state, and national levels since much of the funding and authority for educational institutions originate at the state level. Ultimately, state authorities must take responsibility for cleansing sedition, treason, and unconstitutional indoctrination from our entire educational system, K-12, colleges, and universities. This is the responsibility of the people, who remain sovereign only insofar as the will of the people remains the law of the land.

We are all free and equal. Merit remains the foundation of American exceptionalism. All must accept the obligation of self-reliance. All enjoy the liberty promised by the founders. Moreover, we must outlaw affirmative action. As Shelby Steele, Walter Williams, Thomas Sewell, and countless others have demonstrated, Blacks will demonstrate that they can compete as equals in society.

And guilty white educators should shut the Hell up. In addition to racial prejudice, their adoption of socialism fully justifies their white guilt. Suffer your humiliation in silence! No need to destroy Western Civilization to conceal your old sins of bias and sedition.

Released and Distributed by the Stand Up America US Foundation

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