“Biden’s betrayal of our military with unlawful orders for all service members to be vaccinated with the experimental EUA COVID shot is weakening our military, jeopardizing national security, and putting every American at risk,” says Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD, President and CEO of Truth for Health Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity aimed at defending medical truth and individual medical freedom.

DrLee4America and guests General Tom McInerney, Lt. Col. Peter C. Chambers, D.O., and Lt. John Bowes, speak out about President Joe Biden and the Biden-appointed Department of Defense (DoD) using COVID to engineer a systematic destruction of America’s military and national security. It’s being executed through a purging of the most experienced and well-trained personnel and replacing them with “woke” indoctrinated extreme leftists who place ideology before God, Corps, Duty, Honor, and Country. This is according to former generals, high-ranking officers, military rights attorneys, military and civilian physicians, and America’s leading health watchdog, Truth for Health Foundation.

This alarming betrayal of our national defense has prompted Dr. Vliet and Truth for Health Foundation, and the Foundation’s Military Advisory Council to sound the alarm for the public to understand the dire threat to all of us and America’s national security with the damage being done in designed destruction of our military readiness and fitness. As a result of Biden’s attack on the military, there have been deaths, injuries, and medical damage/disability from the shots, plus service members being forced out of the military, many without due process, causing dire consequences to America.

Key speakers in this three-part series on Truth for Health…The Rest of the Story includes General Thomas McInerney, General Paul Vallely, Lt. General Rod Bishop, Lt. Col. Peter C. Chambers, D.O., attorneys Todd Callender and Mike Rose, plus active duty service members Lt. John Bowes, Commander Rob Green, and Lt. Billy Moseley.

DrLee4America and the guests expose how military service members are being persecuted under the cloak of military secrecy and “shadow policy” for objecting to the experimental COVID shots, for filing religious exemptions, for filing medical exemptions, and for refusing this unlawful order. Additionally, high-ranking officers will reveal how Biden is yielding to the globalist agenda by replacing America’s experienced soldiers with woke-indoctrinated novices, severely impacting American military readiness and national security.

Across all branches of our military, thousands of highly experienced exemplary military service members have been harassed, persecuted, and served with career-ending reprimands for refusing to take an EUA experimental vaccine. Thousands more service members have been so vaccine-injured that they cannot function. Truth for Health Foundation has given our military service members a platform to expose the corruption of military law and dangers to our national security when the lives of our volunteer service members are in jeopardy with dangerous, politically-driven policies pushed by the DoD from the top down. 

“We are losing experienced and highly trained service members, reflecting billions in costs from taxpayer funds as well as seeing dramatically impaired military readiness such as pilots who cannot fly, or cannot complete training, and troops who are too ill to carry out duties,” Vliet said. “This has drastically weakened national security at a time of rising tensions globally – which serves China and globalists’ agendas to take America “out of the fight” and take over globally.” 

America’s sons and daughters who stepped up to defend our Constitution and our freedom are paying a high price with their own Constitutional rights trampled upon by the very top Command officers who took an Oath to defend our Constitution. If our military service members are being abused to this degree, and forced out of the military for simply requesting religious or medical exemptions to an experimental vaccine, who will stand in the gap and defend your rights?

Our military members defend us. They deserve our support to defend them now against medical tyranny by their own Command. We must now stand against tyranny and protect the freedoms endowed by our Creator and enshrined in America’s founding documents.