The Jewish Vote

Jewish Republicans come to praise Trump, but also how to sell him to other Jews

BY RON KAMPEAS JULY 20, 2020 6:18 PM

WASHINGTON (JTA) — When Jewish Republicans met online this weekend to talk about the best way to defeat Joe Biden, the conversation kept sliding back to a question that has beset them since 2016: How do you explain Donald Trump?

A Republican Jewish Coalition online town hall broadcast Sunday night was entitled “The Critical Issues Facing the Jewish Community in 2020.” The issues on the agenda mostly had to do with the changes wrought by Trump that a President Biden would unravel, particularly related to Middle East policy.

But the subtext — sometimes the overt-text — was how do you pitch Trump to a community that overwhelmingly dislikes him? Jewish voters have consistently disapproved of Trump in greater proportion than the general population, where his approval ratings are tanking, and people who participated in the conversation said that has made it hard for them to drum up support for Republicans.

“I’ve been involved in pro-Israel and Jewish communal activities for over a decade, and one source of frustration for me is the open hostility that I find from many Jewish women towards our president and the Republican Party,” said Jodi Sanchez, who is active with the RJC in Houston.

“What’s your best advice for what we as a community should say to our friends who are inclined to support the president because of this pro-Israel policies, but probably won’t support him because of his personality. How can we convince them that they should vote for President Trump?” asked Ari Fleischer, the George W. Bush administration spokesman.

The speakers — Nikki Haley, Trump’s former ambassador to the United Nations; Mark Levin, the bomb-throwing talk radio host; and Norm Coleman, the former Minnesota senator and current RJC chairman — suggested a simple formula to manage anxiety about the president: Focus on Israel.

“I was not a big Trump supporter during the primaries — I was part of that never Trump movement,” said Coleman. (In 2016, Coleman penned an op-ed for the Minneapolis Star Tribune saying he would never “vote for Donald Trump because of who he is. A bigot. A misogynist. A fraud. A bully.”)

“And in the end, I have watched what the president has done,” Coleman said. “This has been the most pro-Israel president who ever sat in the White House.”

Trump has embraced a pile of right-wing pro-Israel orthodoxies: moving the embassy to Jerusalem, defunding the Palestinians, exiting the Iran deal, and advancing a peace plan that would see Israel annex parts of the West Bank.

While the Democratic Party’s official platform on Israel appears not to be changing this year, members of the party’s progressive wing, including Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, have called to reduce assistance to Israel if it annexes parts of the West Bank.

Trump’s fulfillment of Israel-related promises, combined with the shift in the Democratic Party, has fueled the RJC’s transformation over the last four years, from skepticism toward Trump during the 2016 campaign to a fulsome embrace during his presidency.

But the difficulties he presents as a sellable candidate to the Jewish community have persisted, and there were signs at the RJC event that the group is taking Trump’s vulnerabilities seriously. All four questions from the public were pre-screened — and two had to do with Trump’s negatives.

One was from Fleischer. Sanchez asked the second one, directed at Haley, about Trump’s difficulties in appealing to Jewish women. ”How do you think we can address this, specifically with college-educated suburban women, a key demographic in the upcoming election?” she asked.

Haley acknowledged Trump’s coarseness, but — like Coleman, who handled Fleischer’s question — said the best tactic was to note what Trump had done, not what he was prone to say.

“What I will tell you is, I do understand there are some women who have issues with the tone of the president, or the tweeting of the president, or the style of this president,” Haley said. “Joe Biden may have a nicer way of talking, but he won’t have the results President Trump has had.”

There was one questioner who was full of praise — for Coleman, Levin, Haley and Jared Kushner, the president’s son in law, if not for Trump. But then, this questioner has a reputation for giving pep talks.

“My name is Bruce Pearl. I’m the head men’s basketball coach at Auburn University,” said the coach, who is an RJC leader. “Senator Coleman, Ambassador Haley, The Great One,” a nickname for Levin, “thank you all for the service to our great country. And thank you all for your love of the State of Israel. I’m a big fan of Jared Kushner’s peace and prosperity in the West Bank of the River Jordan in Judea and Samaria. My question is, do you believe that peace and prosperity are possible?”

That question didn’t get a simple answer, even as Levin praised the plan for recognizing Israel’s claim to the territory.

Neither did another question that speaks to the heart of some Jews’ reservations about Trump. RJC’s executive director, Matt Brooks, repeatedly pressed Levin to refute claims by Democrats that Trump has enabled anti-Semites, particularly when Trump in 2017 described “very fine people on both sides” of a deadly neo-Nazi March in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“It’s one of the repetitive narratives of the Democrats in terms of trying to scare the Jewish community that President Trump is an anti-Semite or if he’s not an anti-Semite, he allows or encourages through dog whistles white nationalists and people who traffic in anti-Semitism,” Brooks said. He prompted Levin: “Talk about that, talk about Charlottesville.”

Levin mentioned Trump’s pro-Israel bonafide, his Jewish advisers, and his Jewish family members — but never got around to addressing why it was a calumny for Democrats to note Trump’s equivocation about the Charlottesville march, even after Brooks repeated the question.

State Department still needs to clean house!

The State Department’s Africa bureau is undermining its China strategy

by Michael Rubin

 | July 20, 2020 10:55 AM

While the White House and many conservatives rail against the deep state, the problem within the State Department is actually more nuanced than most let on. Over decades, the State Department has grown a Byzantine bureaucracy that few outside the department are able to navigate effectively. While the logic of political appointments is to infuse new blood and new thinking into government bureaucracies, and also to better guide departments to fall in with White House thinking, the State Department remains more impenetrable than most.

This reality is why Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and former secretaries Rex Tillerson, John Kerry, and Hillary Clinton, trusted only a tight circle of advisers. Simply put, nearly as soon as new secretaries enter the building, they give up on changing, let alone effectively working with, the State Department’s unwieldy and peculiar culture.

In theory, the processes put in place by the State Department enable U.S. foreign policy to shape events across the globe by filtering up important decisions through the bureaucracy so that each issue can be addressed at the appropriate level. In practice, the secretary of state, the deputy secretary, and the undersecretary work on big issues — China, Russia, India, Israel, and Saudi Arabia are a few — and lower-level officials do what they can to address issues elsewhere, knowing that they would be hard-pressed to get the front office’s attention.

There are exceptions. When the secretary travels, country teams are fleetingly in the limelight as they struggle to get their own policy recommendations into a speech or added to talking points. When the secretary’s airplane wheels go up for departure, however, the embassy returns to the routine of foreign service officers complaining that no one in Washington reads their reports or cares.

Some regional working areas, traditionally outside the daily focus of the State Department and Congress, thrive with a lack of attention from above. If career diplomats have spent almost their entire careers working on South America, Africa, Central Asia, or South East Asia, regions that receive only sporadic front-office attention, they resent dictates from above that may challenge their assumptions or preferred policies. Within the State Department, career foreign service officers are famous, even among their colleagues, for developing creative ways of foot-dragging to prevent any changes to their favored policies.

So it has been, until recently, with the Africa bureau. In December 2018, after months of interagency deliberation, the White House unveiled its new Africa strategy. Following decades of false starts and treating Africa only as a target for humanitarian aid or counterterrorism operations, the U.S. government finally signaled that it would implement a more holistic approach to recognizing that the United States was losing the great power competition on the continent.

Alas, within the Africa bureau, preservation of personal fiefdoms appears to be trumping U.S. national interests. China has now opened a naval base in Djibouti within miles of Camp Lemonnier, from which the U.S. runs military and counterterrorism operations across the continent. Chinese forces have even attempted to blind U.S. pilots with lasers. Beijing also spends 10 times more on Djibouti than Washington and could leverage the U.S. out of Djibouti with a snap of President Xi Jinping’s fingers.

This is one of the reasons why the Defense Department seeks to reopen relations with neighboring Somaliland, an unrecognized state and former British protectorate that abuts the Gulf of Aden. When Somalia descended into chaos in 1991, Somaliland remained peaceful. For the next 25 years, the U.S. dealt quietly with Somaliland, effectively treating it as it does Taiwan and Iraqi Kurdistan. Longtime Africa hand and current Ambassador to Somalia Donald Yamamoto reversed U.S. policy and even prevented most defense attache communication with Somaliland, never mind that its port and airfield in Berbera are perhaps the only regional alternatives the U.S. has to Djibouti.

The problem is not just one man who seems to be pursuing his own autonomous policy. Earlier this month, Taiwan recognized Somaliland, agreeing to set up diplomatic offices in each other’s capitals. The decision did not come out of the blue but appears to have caught the State Department flat-footed, if only because Yamamoto and his staff boycott more than they engage with Somaliland officials. The White House, however, recognized the wisdom of the Taiwanese partnership, especially as it denied a strategic territory replete with rare earth elements to the Chinese. The National Security Council, for example, tweeted: “Great to see #Taiwan stepping up its engagement in East #Africa in a time of such tremendous need. #Taiwan is a great partner in health, education, technical assistance, and more!”

Insubordination is subtle. Usually, the assistant secretary of state for Africa will use the bureau’s Twitter feed to retweet and emphasize any White House tweet or pronouncement that affects Africa. (See examples herehere, and here.) Any retweet or acknowledgment of White House congratulations on Taiwan’s move into Africa appears to be lacking, nor does any reaction to rumors of alleged Chinese bribery to the Gambian foreign minister to keep Gambia from following Taiwan’s lead, as its parliamentarians recommended.

What appears to have occurred is that career diplomats have put their personal policy views ahead not only of precedent but also official U.S. strategy. The only victor in such a situation, unfortunately, will be China. Pompeo, it is time to get the Africa bureau in line.

Michael Rubin (@Mrubin1971) is a contributor to the Washington Examiner’s Beltway Confidential blog. He is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and a former Pentagon official.

Broken Trust

Broken Trust? FBI wanted to use White House briefings to spy on Trump, aides, memos show
Former intel, FBI officials decry tactics as a breach of the intelligence briefing process.

By John Solomon

Last Updated:
July 20, 2020 – 12:52pm

Donald Trump was president for only 24 hours when then-FBI supervisor Peter Strzok sent an angry missive to his boss. A colleague had given the new White House a counterintelligence briefing and hadn’t consulted on how to use the meeting to further the Russia collusion investigation.

“I heard from [redacted] about the WH CI briefing routed from [redacted],” Strzok wrote on Jan. 21, 2017, a day into the new Trump presidency after learning fellow agent Jennifer Boone had given the White House a briefing without his knowledge.

“I am angry that Jen did not at least cc: me, as my branch has pending investigative matters there,” Strzok added in his email to Assistant Director for Counterintelligence William Priestap. “This brief may play into our investigative strategy, and I would like the ability to have visibility and provide thoughts/counsel to you in advance of the briefing.

“This is one of the reasons why I raised the issue of lanes/responsibilities that I did when you asked her to handle WH detailee interaction.”

A day before Trump took office, Strzok, Priestap and other senior FBI managers were scrambling to figure out their strategy as Trump assumed the presidency and the bureau continued to pursue its deeply flawed Russia collusion probe, according to emails turned over under the Freedom of Information Act to the conservative watchdog Judicial Watch and made public Friday.

By that time, the bureau knew that the Christopher Steele dossier — the crucial evidence used to support a FISA warrant against Trump associates — had been partly debunked by one of the former MI-6 agent’s intelligence sources, who denied information attributed to him in the dossier.

The FBI also knew from an agent who had investigated Trump national security adviser Micheal Flynn that there was no “derogatory information” against the retired general after a 5-month investigation and the agent wanted to shut down the probe.

But FBI leadership had a different plan, to keep the investigation codenamed Crossfire Hurricane open in the absence of any credible evidence and try to trip up Flynn in an interview during the chaotic first days of a new presidency.

“Please relay above to WFO [Washington Field Office] and [redacted] tonight, and keep me updated with plan for meet and results of same,” Strzok wrote in an email chain late on the night of Jan. 19, 2017, hours before Trump’s inauguration.



The email exchanges — and others like it made public on Friday — have shocked veteran intelligence experts, who told Just the News that any effort to use official briefings of the president and his White House to spy, investigate or gather information violated the necessary trust for keeping a president apprised of intelligence in a dangerous world.

“It’s unbelievable this kind of stuff was going on,” said Fred Fleitz, a longtime intelligence analyst who served as chief of staff to Trump’s third national security adviser John Bolton. “How is the president to do his job with this going on?

“He has to be able to ask difficult questions. You want him and his aides to ask hypotheticals during the briefings as they get up to speed. But if those questions are going to be leaked back to investigators, the president is not going to talk to the experts.”

Fleitz said the new memos show that Obama-era holdovers in the FBI and Justice Department have “used every element of the domestic intelligence services to destroy this president.”

Kevin Brock, the FBI’s first-ever assistant director for intelligence who set up many of the processes and procedures the bureau still uses today, said he too was troubled by Strzok’s emails and other recent revelations.

“It appears that Strzok was going to leverage a normal FBI counterintelligence briefing for a new presidential administration to insert Crossfire Hurricane investigative efforts, specifically in hopes of getting into the White House to interview Gen. Flynn,” Brock said.

“When Strzok found out those briefings were already conducted without his knowledge, he got upset. Since the CI briefings apparently were no longer available as a subterfuge, soon thereafter Deputy Director McCabe reached out to Flynn directly to set up an interview appointment,” he added. “Director Comey admitted later they took advantage of the disorganization of a new administration to avoid the protocols that would normally be in place to control access to senior WH personnel like Flynn.”

The release of the new Strzok emails comes a few months after DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz issued a scathing report on the FBI’s conduct during Crossfire Hurricane, and revealed the bureau had tried to misuse an earlier briefing before Trump was president to size up Flynn as they started their investigation back in August 2016.

“Because Flynn was expected to attend the first such briefing for members of the Trump campaign on August 17, 2016, the FBI viewed that briefing as a possible opportunity to collect information potentially relevant to the Crossfire Hurricane and Flynn investigations,” Horowitz wrote. “We found no evidence that the FBI consulted with Department leadership or ODNI officials about this plan.”

Tom Fitton, the head of Judicial Watch, said the FBI’s conduct during the investigation reeked of politics.

“These documents suggest that President Trump was targeted by the Comey FBI as soon as he stepped foot in the Oval Office,” Fitton said.

Operation Nemesis 13.0 – The last version of this Series

Operation Nemesis 13.0
Retribution against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

By MG Paul Vallely (US Army, Ret.)

Chairman – Stand Up America US Foundation

July 13, 2020

Plan XIII.  No Compromise for the Wicked CCP

Reflections upon the Pandemic Outbreak in Brazil

“(This pandemic) is selectively targeting the CCP and is aimed at eliminating the CCP and those who are pro-communist or who have close ties with the CCP… If one upholds one’s inner goodness, reflects on one’s actions, and rejects the CCP—the representative of the greatest evil, one will be protected by the divine.  The pandemic occurred because of the CCP, and the situation will change when people change their attitudes toward the CCP.

– From “Where Ties to the Chinese Communist Party are Close, the CCP Virus Follows“, editorial by the Epoch Times

On July 11, the CCP media rushed to report “President Trump Wearing a Mask” as the headline news.  The CCP media gloated that the Brazilian President, an American ally, is infected.  Then the CCP posed an insidious question that “Tropical Trump” is infected and will President Trump be the next?

Being atheists in nature, the communists label all religions as “superstitions” or “spiritual opioid”.  Hence, the communists cannot possibly comprehend why President Trump is the chosen one by God and protected by God.  The communists are also clueless about why so many people around the world are praying for President Trump.  As the fierce battle between the good and evil proceeds, more and more people realize not only President Trump is the hope for the United States, he is also the hope for the entire world.

Brazil is hit hard in this pandemic due to its close tie with the CCP. An in-depth analysis on this subject was published on the Chinese Epoch Times.  Brazil is only one of many countries that bent over to the CCP in this pandemic. Brazil’s case shows how the CCP has exploited the pandemic to distance countries from the United States.

Another Boris Johnson?

On July 7, Brazilian President Bolsonaro was tested positive for the CCP virus (also called Coronavirus).  Bolsonaro is the second national head infected by the virus after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.  Before Johnson was hit by the virus, he dodged warnings from America and insisted on using Huawei’s components in the British 5G network. Fortunately, the repressive measure of Hong Kong National Security Bill awakened Johnson in time.  Recently, Johnson’s stance on Huawei hardened, and consequently, he has recovered as the overall pandemic situation in Britain improved.  Will Bolsonaro be another Johnson?

Alliance with America

Since 2009, the China has replaced the United States as Brazil’s largest trading partner. At about the same time, CCP’s Multinational Corporations poured into Brazil, dominating the energy and telecom sectors. China is now the largest buyer of Brazilian soybeans, iron ore, beef, and other unprocessed goods.  In 2019, China imported $63 billion worth of goods from Brazil, accounting for 28% of total Brazilian exports while the United States ranked second at $30 billion which is 13% of total Brazilian exports.  Brazil is CCP’s major target in Latin America. Very quietly Brazil has been infiltrated by the CCP since 1974 as the two countries formed diplomatic relations.

In October 2018, during the Presidential campaign, Bolsonaro boldly criticized the CCP for buying so much in Brazil.  His critics made headline news and that earned him the Presidency.  Many enthusiastically expected that “Tropical Trump” would effectively establish a close relationship with the United States and break away from the CCP.

Since taking office, Bolsonaro has tried forming a stronger alliance with the United States.  In August 2019, Bolsonaro sent his son, Brazilian Foreign Minister Eduardo Bolsonaro, to meet with President Trump during the Amazon fire crisis. This past March, Bolsonaro and his son also met with President Trump at Mar-a-Lago.  In June, Bolsonaro followed the lead of the United States by warning the WHO of a possible withdrawal from the organization.

Brazil’s Intensified Trade with CCP

Bolsonaro has also attempted to intensify the trade with the CCP. In October 2019, Bolsonaro visited China for the first time after taking office. During the visit, he and Xi issued a “Joint Statement” to continue strengthening the relationship. The two national heads signed 10 memos covering a variety of areas, including education, mine, energy, agriculture, telecom, and tourism.  Later, Bolsonaro told the media that Brazil is willing to sell soybeans, meat, oil, and iron ore to the CCP.  On November 13, after meeting with Xi, Bolsonaro claimed at a press conference that “China is increasingly close to Brazil’s future.”

CCP’s Retaliation

On March 18th, Eduardo Bolsonaro, Brazilian foreign minister, the son of the Brazilian President tweeted that the CCP government had concealed the truth on the epidemic.  Eduardo pointed out, “this is the fault of China (the Chinese government), and freedom is the only way out.” Soon after Edward tweeted, Yang Wanming, CCP’s ambassador to Brazil fiercely reputed.  Within 2 days, the CCP made a series of retaliation. On March 19, the CCP issued a “Solemn Statement”, which reads:

“Eduard’s anti-China speech is very inappropriate and will harm the friendship between China and Brazil.  We strongly condemn your tweet, request you to withdraw it, and apologize to the Chinese people…”

Our embassy tweeted: ‘Your remarks are not unfamiliar; you are just learning how to speak from your friends. You recently went to Miami and brought back the spiritual virus, which poisoned the friendship between Chinese and Brazilian people. You lack basic common sense and an international perspective. You are ignorant of China, ignorance of the world, and ignorance of history. We urge you not to compete for the position of the American spokesperson in Brazil, otherwise, you will lose miserably.’

Brazil’s Compromise

According to the Chinese embassy in Brazil, tweets from the embassy quickly received 100,000 views. Major Brazilian media reported this! Brazil’s House Speaker Rodrigo Maia immediately wrote on social media: “On behalf of the Brazilian House of Representatives, I apologize to the Chinese government and Ambassador Yang for the inappropriate remarks that Congressman Eduardo made”. The embassy also reported receiving many phone calls and emails supporting the CCP’s position.

On May 4, 2020, data released by the Brazilian Ministry of Economy showed that in April, Brazil’s foreign trade surplus with China reached US$6.702 billion, an increase of 18.5% from the previous. Meanwhile, the pandemic also gravely worsened in Brazil.

Brazil’s Tragic Loss in Pandemic

On February 26, 2020, the first CCP virus case emerged in Brazil, which was also the first case in Latin America. By July 12, there are over 1.8 million confirmed cases with a death toll of 72,000 in Brazil.  Now Brazil is one of the countries hit the hardest in this pandemic. Why CCP’s “effective measures for containing pandemic” did not seem to work in Brazil at all? Can the profits from CCP’s orders offset the impact of the CCP virus on Brazil’s economy? How about the damage to the health and lives of millions of Brazilian people?

Bolsonaro did not follow his promise made during his campaign and instead, he has sought a middle ground between the United States and the CCP.

The Way Out

During this pandemic, the CCP enjoys playing the role of “The Savior of the World” by luring countries like Brazil with much-needed medical supplies. The CCP’s goal is to further isolate these countries from the United States and make it one step closer to achieving its global domination.      For the well-being of people and for the future of countries, it is time for countries like Brazil to be awakened to the evil nature of the CCP. They must face reality and divorce the CCP demon.

” To defeat the CCP, simply depending on ordinary secular means will never be enough. The communist specter has greater power than humans, and this is the underlying cause of the CCP’s continuous expansion. However, evil can never rival the divine. If humans can stand by the divine and abide by divine will, they will be blessed and overcome the specter’s infernal arrangements.

The CCP is the enemy of all humanity, having established the bloodiest yet most powerful tyranny history has ever seen. All nations and peoples must resist its global ambitions if they are to secure their future and that of all civilization. The evil CCP is destined for elimination; thus, to reject the CCP is to avoid sharing in its fate.”

– from “How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World

Released by: Stand Up America US Foundation




Operation Nemesis 12.0 – Retribution Against the Chinese Communist Party

Operation Nemesis 12.0
Retribution against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

By MG Paul Vallely (US Army, Ret.)

Chairman – Stand Up America US Foundation

July 7, 2020

Plan XII.  “Victory or Death?”
We Are at a Crossroad

The divine aims at saving humans, while the specter of communism aims at destroying humans. This moment of history is extremely intense because it relates to the survival of civilization and the destiny of humankind. At this moment, the crisis and hope coexist, but humans living in ‘bewilderment’ have a difficult time seeing through (the specter of communism) at one glance.”
– From “The Ultimate Goal of Communism

In December 1776, George Washington and his troops fighting for American Independence faced a dire and, seemingly losing crisis.  Washington repeatedly wrote “Victory or Death” on small pieces of paper.  On December 31, 1776, many of Washington’s soldiers faced their enlistments expiring the next day.  To convince his exhausted soldiers to stay for one more month, Washington gave his famous speech: “My brave fellows, you have done all I asked you to do, and more than could be reasonably expected.  However, your country is at stake, your wives, your houses, all that you hold dear…If you will consent to stay but one month longer, you will render that service to the cause of liberty and to your country, which you probably can never do under any other circumstances.”

Are we not now facing a similar crisis that will decide our destiny? 244 years later, we are, in fact, facing a crisis that will decide our density.  Both internally and externally, unprecedented chaos generated by the specter of communism has thrown us at a crossroad: “Victory or Death, there is no room for a middle ground.

On June 30, the National People’s Congress of China unanimously passed the National Security Bill on Hong Kong.  In contrast to weeks of secret drafting in Beijing that even kept the Chief Executive of Hong Kong in the dark, the voting process took only fifteen minutes.  The swift approval of the law signaled the urgency of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to crack down on any opposition to Beijing both at home and abroad and at whatever cost.  Some view this Bill as CCP’s declaration of war against the free world.

CCP’s Plan to Hollow out Hong Kong

The protests in 2019 sunk the legitimacy of Carrie Lam’s administration to rock bottom. The CCP had nothing to lose, nor anything to hide. To quash the protests, the CCP announced a plan to hollow out Hong Kong, meaning to keep the city but not a city composed of pro-democracy citizens.

The plan, if it succeeds, would not only silence the dissidents but also undo the recent election result of the legislative council that still shocks Beijing. It would allow the CCP to implement a complete takeover of the city by sending millions of pro-governments, pro-communist Chinese mainlanders to Hong Kong. The City, once called Oriental Pearl, would become a shell city, or a city no different from any other major city in China. The massive immigration to Hong Kong will also alleviate the CCP’s growing pain of resource constraints that caused previous policy failures in the environment, agriculture, population control, and anti-corruption.

This should send a warning to the countries that are actively working to offer people of Hong Kong a path to residency or citizenship. Providing a safe haven to dissidents from Hong Kong is a compassionate act. However, the west must stay alert to the fact that the CCP’s spies and pro-CCP people would take great advantage of such immigration acts.  After the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre, many Western countries granted permanent resident status to hundreds of thousands of Chinese nationals.  Over the last 31 years, how many of those truly see through the evil nature of Communism? How many of them have served as a “patriotic” base for the CCP to implement its infiltration strategy overseas?  The free world should help Hong Kong in more than just a humanitarian way.

The Unconventional Pick

On Friday, July 3, Beijing appointed Zheng Yanxiong as director of the new national security agency in Hong Kong.  Zheng, 56, most recently served as secretary-general of the Communist Party Committee of Guangdong province. The appointment even surprised the insiders. It was widely speculated that a senior officer from the law enforcement or intelligence apparatus would reign over the all-powerful agency that pursues enforcement actions way beyond any pre-existing laws in Hong Kong.

Zheng, often referred by many as ‘the unscrupulous officer’, became known for his crackdown on Wukan village protest in 2011 that led to one death and five imprisonments of the villagers. When Zheng accused the protestors of ‘colluding’ with the oversea media to attack the local government who sold the farmlands to real estate developers, he commented, “if oversea media can be trusted, you can expect a sow on the tree”. The ‘sow analogy’ quickly caught Beijing’s attention.

The appointment of Zheng signals the CCP’s determination to crush the freedoms of Hong Kong with the aid of someone who has a record of “accomplishment” in cruelly stabilizing large incidents.  It could also be Beijing’s strategy to avoid the U.S. sanctions by placing a scapegoat in that prominent position instead of a core member from Xi’s cabinet.

The Looming Danger

On July 1, despite the newly effective security law, over 380,000 brave people in Hong Kong protested in open defiance of the evil regime. About 370 people were arrested. Among them, four distribution staffers from the Hong Kong branch of The Epoch Times.

While the Epoch Times has been a thorn in CCP’s side for years, other pro-democracy media in Hong Kong also faced increasing dangers. Jimmy Lai, the owner of Apple Daily, was arrested earlier this year and faces two charges of illegal assembly and intimidation. At the same time, books written by prominent democracy activists start to disappear from the city’s libraries. Pro-democracy media subscribers start to fear the revealing of their personal identities. Hong Kong is entering a dark stage of ‘White Terror’.

Freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and freedom of publication is the cornerstone of the success of Hong Kong. It is also the CCP’s biggest fear.

CCP’s Mounting Internal Struggle

Xi’s stance on Hong Kong attests that he is not another Gorbachev.  Instead, Xi seems to be rather determined to bundle himself with the CCP.  To anyone who counts on Xi to dissolve the CCP from within, the dream perhaps is shattered.  Inside the CCP, the life-or-death power struggle between Xi and Jiang Zemin/Zeng Qinghong continues to elevate. Recently, a massive military/ police force has been patrolling the center of Beijing.

In the summer of 1989, Jiang Zemin’s bloody execution of Tiananmen massacre gained him a rocket-style lift to the national head of the CCP. Immediately after, Jiang promoted his long-time strategist Zeng Qinghong to be his aid in the central government.  Zeng’s dad was the head of the Department of Interior – CCP’s KGB. Zeng undoubtedly inherited his father’s DNA.  Since 1989, Zeng is the primary force behind the CCP’s organization and personnel.  The two managed to place their “Shanghai clique” to almost every leading central, regional, and military posts.  Jiang and Zeng, two heads of CCP deep state have firm grips on CCP’s military, intelligence, propaganda, diplomacy, telecommunication, finance, stock market, bio-weapon, biotech, pharmaceutical, and many other fields.  Zeng has the ultimate control over Hong Kong.

Why do Jiang (now 94) and Zeng (now 81) still desperately cling to power? It is because both understand well if they release any of their power that they will be brought to justice.  Besides the bloody crimes committed on Tiananmen Square, Jiang and Zeng have directed the most horrifying genocide in human history – the 21-year-long persecution of Falun Gong. Massive organ harvesting from mass Falun Gong practitioners is “an evil crime never seen on this planet before”.  Today, 8 years after Xi took power, the ruthless persecution continues.  Xi dissolved CCP’s labor camps in 2013, where the majority of prisoners were innocent Falun Gong practitioners. However, to Jiang and Zeng, ending the persecution of Falun Gong or ending the CCP means ending their lives.

CCP’s Deceptive Tactics

To cover up their crimes, Jiang and Zeng have been tightly controlling the CCP’s propaganda machine in and out of China.  Wang Hu’ning, Xi’s chief propagandist, is an ally of Jiang and Zeng.  To deceive people outside of China, Jiang, and Zeng dispatched orders to their agents to bribe overseas media with mass investments.  This explains why so many media narratives in the free world today shockingly resemble those of the CCP and participates in the fake news narrative worldwide.

Jiang and Zeng also deceive Xi.  Insiders reveal that Xi has been given fake updates and fake news by Jiang and Zeng, and Xi’s own order could not be implemented because of Jiang and Zeng’s blockage. In April 2020, Xi finally started investigating Sun Lijun, the CCP Deputy Minister of Public Security, into the investigation.   Sun, an ally of Jiang and Zeng, carried out the bloody suppression of Hong Kong protestors last year.  Insiders disclose that it took Xi sometimes to eventually realize what the truth was in Hong Kong. The CCP has been behind much of the fake news.

Predictions from Chinese Prophecies

The CCP faces a dire crisis but the propaganda machine will not tell you. First, the number of infected/casualties from the pandemic far exceeded the reported number. Now Beijing is facing a possible second wave of the pandemic. Since June, over 20 provinces have suffered severe flooding, and some reported to be the worst in 80 years. On July 7, Beijing authorities warned of more floods in the coming months.

Traditional Chinese believe that human history is a pre-arranged drama. Some enlightened sages left behind intriguing prophecies. One of them was “Taibai Mountain Monument Inscription” by Liu Bowen (1311-1375), a renowned sage from the Ming Dynasty.  His prophecy accurately predicted the current situation and events.

The prophecy foretells that a catastrophe (pandemic) would start around November 2019 from Hubei (of which Wuhan is the provincial capital).  As a result, many people will die, and the rich will be hit harder than ordinary people. In China, the rich are the high-level CCP leaders and members.  In addition, the worst time of the catastrophe (pandemic and other disasters) is around July 13 (Chinese Luna date), which is Sept. 1, 2020. The prophecy foretells various disasters will fill the year of 2020 and those who could survive the Year of Rat (Jan 25, 2020 – Feb. 21, 2021) would be truly lucky.

Let Truth Set People Free

Deceived by the CCP’s propaganda, most mainland Chinese do not know what is truly happening in Hong Kong. Neither do many Chinese living in America do not know.  They wrongfully think that these Hong Kong “rioters” are “anti-China” thugs; hence, the CCP must suppress them with an iron fist.  At this crossroad of victory or death, the free world is called upon to stand up with courage and determination to reject, expose, and defeat tyrannical communism.  Let truth set people free. Let the spirit of Hong Kong continue to awaken and inspire the “bewildered”.

On June 30, a petition titled “Wipeout Communism and Teardown China’s Great Firewall” was initiated on The petition reads:

Mr. President, today, China becomes a more powerful evil empire and we are in a new “struggle between right and wrong and good and evil”. It is your chance and duty to launch a war against this empire to wipe out Communism by law.

Mr. President, today, it is your chance and duty to point to China’s Great Firewall and echo the voice of Chinese people: tear down this Firewall

In 2001, Jiang Zemin ordered that the Great Internet Firewall be built on the internet to cover up his crimes. Hence, the CCP itself is not going to tear down the wall if Jiang is in control.  Only when the people in China and free world become empowered by the truth, awakened to the evil specter of communism, and break away from the CCP, the world will witness the end of the CCP.

“Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed” – Declaration of Independence

Released by: Stand Up America US Foundation